Burma, Born in the Wilderness, Loves Outdoor Adventures


By now, you should be well aware of the burgeoning adventure cats movement. It involves a bunch of felines and their humans who love to traverse through wild outdoor spaces together (with the cats safely harnessed). One of the leading characters behind this trend is Burma, a remarkably confident kitty who you’ll find scaling mountain peaks and even swimming across rivers and creeks.

Let’s get to know Burma’s story a little more intimately.

Burma’s roots


Burma and his human, who is a U.S. Army veteran, met in April 2013 when the latter was living out of his Jeep in Oregon with his dog Puppi.

“I was outside a store when a homeless girl came up with a box of kittens to find homes for and I asked if I could see them,” he recalls. “I couldn’t resist Burma and knew immediately I was going to keep him.”

With that, Burma and his new human drove off together.

Burma basics

Image via burmaadventurecat Instagram

As you’d expect from a cat who’s fond of going on outdoors adventures, Burma is “very confident and outgoing, and he is fearless overall.” His human adds that he’s a “friendly” chap but that he’s also prone to “play rough.” That’s understandable: “He’s a physical cat, extremely powerful and rugged.”

An outdoors life

Image via burmaadventurecat Instagram

Burma’s human says that once they’d met, “I didn’t have anything to offer him but our life on the go in the mountains and deserts and wilderness.” Thankfully, Burma was on board with the plan from day one.

“He grew up on the go, waking up in different places most days, moving around every few hours, going for walks and hikes through the forests, and climbing mountains with us,” he adds. “He loved our lifestyle and I believe it made him more intellectual as a cat [because he] desires excitement and stimulation.”

Award tour

Image via burmaadventurecat Instagram

When it comes to Burma’s most dramatic places to find adventure, his human lists spots including the Kalmiopsis wilderness in Oregon, the Trinity Alps in Northern California, Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the Ruby Mountains of Nevada, and the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. This cat has ventured up to the very top of Mount Shasta in California, too.

Following in Burma’s pawprints

Image via burmaadventurecat Instagram

If you’ve been inspired to consider taking your own feline on an adventure, Burma’s human has some basic safety advice. First, use a long safely line made of strong 550 cord. Second, make sure you test your cats’ temperament for adventuring in a safe place until they get confident with exploring the outdoors.

Finally, he notes that black cats are often more friendly and confident than other cats — even though they suffer from a lower adoption rate. Something to ponder.

The dog in the room

Image via burmaadventurecat Instagram

While Burma happily coexists with Puppi — and even starred with him in a picture book in 2013 — it’s important to be cautious of other, more temperamental dogs while rambling through the wilderness.

“I’m very wary with Burma being around dogs we don’t know,” explains his human. “Basically, [I will] pick him up. He isn’t really scared of them but he seems to be able to sense dogs who could be aggressive and people who don’t seem to like cats or are odd in some way.”

Check out more of Burma’s adventure cat missions at his Instagram and Facebook pages.

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