Being Hit by a Car Left Duchess the Cat With a Crooked Smile


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Duchess the cat was involved in a traffic accident. In October 2015, this Flame Point Siamese was out doing her kitty business when a car smacked into her. A kind-hearted passerby saw Duchess’ injuries and brought her to the Adobe Animal Hospital and Clinic in Texas. Once she’d undergone surgery, Duchess recovered — although she’s been left with an endearingly skewed smile due to her jaw injuries.

Crystal Tate was working at the clinic when Duchess arrived. As the cat spent about a month at the facility recovering from her surgeries, Crystal formed a tight bond with the kitty.

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Feeding sessions had to be conducted through a tube, and Duchess was on numerous courses of medication. Her crooked jaw was stopping her mouth from opening, which also meant she could not chew food (an issue exacerbated by her newly found lack of teeth).

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Through their time together, Crystal eventually became smitten with Duchess and — yep, you guessed it — agreed to take her home as a permanent deal. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

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Duchess’ crooked smile means she must feast on a specially tailored diet of extremely watered-down food. Dry food is obviously out, so Crystal mixes extra water into wet food until it’s blended to a “soup-like texture.” At that point, Duchess laps it up with her tongue.

Well, she attempts to lap the food up with her tongue but usually makes quite a mess.

Because of that, Crystal has constructed a “feeding box which keeps her from splattering food anywhere but inside.” Duchess also occasionally dines from a special tilted bowl, which lets her push her grub around without it spilling.

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True to her feline heritage, Duchess has lately shown herself to be extra finicky when it comes to the available options on the dinner menu.

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“I’ve recently decided that I need a variety of canned food choices, otherwise I get bored and won’t eat,” she wrote to her Facebook page. “So momma now alternates between four different brands of food — blended as usual. After all, a princess needs options hee-hee.”

(She has also recently tried tiny morsels of boiled chicken with successful results, and she is considering letting Crystal cook them up more often.)

Image via Facebook

While enjoying life in her forever home — which is also said to involve bombing around the abode like a crazed cat tornado — Duchess is kept on a regime of regular vet visits. In December, Crystal learned that the wire inside Duchess’ jaw might be removed — a move that could help straighten out her jaw.

Image via Facebook

In the meantime, Duchess is owning her skewed smile. As she told her Facebook fans the other day, “Always be yourself … Unless you can be a unicorn kitty, then always be a unicorn kitty.”

Follow Duchess on Facebook for more updates on her progress.

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