Back-to-School: 8 Supplies That Cat Lovers Will Adore


School days, school days! Kids of all ages are heading back to school soon and have long lists of supplies to make sure their academic year is a success. Cat lovers need not settle for plain-colored notebooks and those yellow Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils. No worries — we have some fun ideas for catifying your school year. Here are eight ideas you’ll want to bookmark.

1. Gear-Up Purple Kitty Locker Mirror Pocket — $12.50 (current sale)


When I was in high school in the 1980s, I used a locker mirror to check my lip gloss and make sure my Aqua Net hairspray was holding up and doing its job — keeping my asymmetrical ‘do frozen in place. These days, students probably enjoy having mirrors for similar reasons, although I’m pretty sure their hair product is a tad less flammable.

PBTeen, Pottery Barn’s line for angsty teenagers, offers this adorable purple magnetic mirror that comes with a little pocket to store the all the notes from that cute boy from geometry class.

2. Love & a Cat Infuser Water Bottle — $14.95


Any student can have a regular old water bottle, but not everyone gets one with an infuser. That’s right, kids — you can stuff that infuser basket with mint, berries, cucumbers, Skittles, or whatever gets you through the school day. Plus, the bottle is cat themed. Who’s gonna be the envy of every post-dodgeball locker room? You are, honey.

Plus, you get extra credit! Animal Rescue Site sells this 22-ounce, BPA-free bottle. That means every purchase funds 14 bowls of food for shelter animals. Go, team!

3. Paw Print USB Flash Drive — $12.97+


Nearly every school supply list includes a flash drive to transport important essays and research papers from home to school and back again. Sure, you can hit the local discount store and snag a boring rectangular thingamajig, but why? Get your paws on a flash drive that’s shaped like, well, a paw.

Paw Z Paws to the rescue! These cute little drives come in a variety of storage capacities and colors. Plus, they easily attach to a keychain or backpack. Cute and convenient. What more could a cat-loving pupil want? Maybe a cat-themed laptop decal? Read on.

4. Three Cute Cats Laptop Decal — $9.99

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.08.37 PM copy

Most high school and college students transport their laptops to class. With so many lookalike computers out there, it’s good to set oneself apart from the pack … or clowder, as it were. Let’s visit Etsy, the online marketplace that features lots of cool handmade items from talented artists.

Zapoart creates loads of decals for walls and laptops. Cat-loving scholars are in luck because this hip, retro-looking design is one of their offerings. Cats love to lie on top of laptops anyway, right? Might as well stick a few of them on there permanently. Seems pretty logical to me.

5. Andy Warhol Cat Notebook — $9.18+

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.17.44 PM copy

Notebooks are always on school supply checklists. Certainly it makes sense to purchase inexpensive off-the-shelf ones for history class note-taking, but sometimes one with a little more character is in order. You know, like for journaling or writing flowery poetry about that cute boy in geometry class.

Another Etsy find, this Andy Warhol cat notebook is fun, artsy, comes in a bunch of sizes, and will “pop” off your bookshelf. Get it? “Pop?” Haha. You’re quick.

6. Highly Professional Business Cats Pencils (5-pack) — $7


Although these pencils are stupid cute (that’s what the kids are saying … I heard it), I admit complete and utter bias in my recommendation of them. One of my favorite people, Amy Beth G. Payne of Supah Market, designed these writing instruments. You might know her Highly Professional Business Cat art collection, and if not, y’all need to get schooled.

These pencils are a step above the typical No. 2 variety every student needs for class. They’re fun, teal, and adorned with a suit-wearing cat. What more do you want? Get ’em.

7. Pawsome Magnetic Book Clips (4-pack) — $8.95


On your mark, get set, go mark your place in The Great Gatsby because you need to get that dang chapter finished tonight — there might be a pop quiz tomorrow. Do not — I repeat — do not dog-ear your copy of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic because you’ll regret it 20 years down the line when you want your stuff to be nice.

Thanks to Animal Rescue Site, you can mark your place with a magnetic book clip and feed shelter animals. And how cute that it’s decorated with a paw print? Score!

8.“Love Ur Selfie” Backpack and Lunch Bag Set — $14.99 (current sale)


Kohl’s really does have it all, including this cutesy backpack and lunch box set. Made of durable canvas, these boxes fit the bill for students in Pre-K straight through college hipsters who probably wear pink glasses like the kitty in the design.

Which cat-themed item do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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