“Catwork Orange” T-Shirt: The Kitty Revolution Is at Hand


Say the words “A Clockwork Orange” and people will probably instantly remember Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film no matter how long it’s been since they saw it. The visually stunning motion picture (based on the brilliant novel by Anthony Burgess) stars Malcolm McDowell as “Alexander the Large,” whose gang of thugs cut an unforgiving path through a dystopian England while dancing to Beethoven’s powerful Ninth Symphony.

So, what’s that got to do with cats? Well, everything.

See, behavior modification is a central theme in A Clockwork Orange. “Little Alex,” as the lead character is called, gets caught for his crimes and undergoes a controversial treatment that aims to modify his behavior to keep him out of trouble. But it backfires, causing more problems than it solves, and the government eventually abandons the method.

Just imagine what this concept looks like to a cat.

When I claw the sofa, Mommy pulls out the squirt gun to make me stop.

Hmmmmm — But what if the squirt gun backfired and squirted Mommy instead — every time, no matter where she aimed?

After a while, she’d never do it again!

All cats to the sofa! WE’RE TAKING OVER!

Fitting, then, is this T-shirt we found at Headline Shirts that shows Little Alex as a cat and bears the words Catwork Orange. On the shirt, our feline hero wears Alex’s trademark bowler hat and one false eyelash, but he also has whiskers and a little inverted triangle for a nose. His one visible ear is ever-so-slightly pointed.

We don’t know who designed this shirt, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that person has a cat — named Alex.

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