7 Surprised Cats Who Can’t Believe Their Eyes


Cats are known for their range of expressions. There’s nothing sweeter than that “I love you” look they give us during a cozy snuggle. Totally heart-melting! And there’s no mistaking their feeling when they’re mad or irritated. In fact, the tail usually goes along with the whole deal.

One of the best cat looks is the expression of complete surprise or awe. Now, it’s not funny to joke about cats who are genuinely scared, but there’s a difference between that and the face of a kitty who’s just been busted or is amazed at a situation or person. Here are seven surprised cats whose eyes say it all.

1. Do I look like I have opposable thumbs?

"No vet, right?"
“No vet, right?” Photo via Flickr

What? The carrier was open — I swear! I know I’m smart and all, but do I look like Houdini? I know, I remember the time I opened the bathroom door, but I’m pretty sure the doorknob was broken. Do I look like I have opposable thumbs? I mean, come on!

This means we don’t have to go to the vet now, right? Right?

2. I’m not really here

“Waking dream!” Photo via Flickr

I wasn’t on the counter! You’re dreaming. It’s a waking dream in which you think you see me wandering around on top of the kitchen counter. That wasn’t an actual loaf-of-bread bag I was chewing. This is all an illusion. Go back to bed now. You will not take notice of future sounds you hear for the rest of this night, nor will you remember any of this in the morning. Be gone.

3. Now you’ve ruined the surprise

"No present for you!"
“No present for you!” Photo via Flickr

I’m, uhh, making a present for you and I need part of this curtain. That’s right, I have to chew and claw it a little bit to make it perfect. Now you’ve ruined the surprise, of course. Thanks a lot. That’s the last time I make a homemade present for you. You’re the worst.

4. A secret drinking fountain?

"The best day of my life!"
“The best day of my life!” Photo via Flickr

Why is water dripping from that silver thingy? Where is it coming from? Is this a secret drinking fountain that the humans neglected to share with me? Is it possible I could have been helping myself to this magical refreshment for years? This is beyond my wildest dreams! Should I taste the water? Am I too excited? Is it too soon?

5. Please let it be the canned ham

"YOU'RE high!"
“YOU’RE high!” Photo via Flickr

Oh, hi. How did I get outside? I have no idea. The last thing I remember is rolling around in a catnip patch on the side of the house. Now I’m here and you’re staring at me, making me all paranoid. Sure I’ll come back inside. Is our house the one that looks like canned ham or the one with the squirrels swimming on the front door? What’s that you say? I’m high? YOU’RE high. Anyway, the house. I really hope it’s the one that looks like canned ham. Please let it be the canned ham.

6. Where’s my gravy?

"Diet, schmiet!"
“Diet, schmiet!” Photo via Flickr

What is this crap you put in my bowl, and where’s my canned food with all the gravy? I’m on a diet? I think you’re trying to starve me to death, because there’s no way I’m going to eat that cardboard-tasting junk. Stop looking at me that way. You should try it before you get all high and mighty with this diet thing. Yeah — taste it! Taste the cardboard! And speaking of diets, don’t think I didn’t see your secret stash of leftover Halloween candy in your bedside table. Now where’s my gravy?

7. You’re messing with my natural rhythms

“Retribution!” Photo via Flickr

You woke me from my precious nap to take photos of me? Again? Is my time of no value? Look, I know my eyes look amazing against this blue blanket, but can’t we do this another time? Do you know how many hours of sleep a cat is supposed to have every day? Like 18 to 20 or something. Maybe more. You’re totally messing with my natural rhythms, and I demand retribution! Any form of treat will do, although I prefer chicken.

When does your cat give you the surprised look? Tell us about it in the comments!

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