7 Affirmations Cats Would Write for Personal Growth


I love self-help books and have read dozens of them. A lot of these books encourage readers to create affirmations as reminders to change thoughts and behaviors. This is especially common when it comes to issues of overcoming fear, increasing self-esteem, modifying unhealthy behaviors, or manifesting cool things. I’ve used affirmations for all of the above and am pleased to report that they work. Of course, it’s more than just repeating words. If you want affirmations to sink in, you must really feel the words, and visualization is a huge part of success.

Cats enjoy happy, fulfilling lives, and I’m sure they’d take full advantage of affirmations if they could. Here are seven they would write.

1. The hair dryer is my friend

"This is hard work, but I believe in myself!"
“This is hard work, but I believe in myself!”

Many cats freak out a little (or a lot) when the hot-air blowing monster appears in the bathroom. It’s loud, and we humans wave it around our heads like we’re trying to clear demons with a wand of sage. If I were a cat, I’d be cautious as well.

Cats who want to repair their relationships with hair dryers would place an affirmation near the small appliance’s storage spot. Each time they walked by, they’d read the statement and remind themselves there’s nothing to fear … unless there really are demons to clear. That would require another affirmation.

2. I effortlessly attract infinite rolls of T.P.

"OK, where's all the T.P."?
“OK, where’s all the T.P.?”

In general, cats enjoy rolls of toilet paper. Some like to bat around empty rolls, while others would rather empty a full roll as it hangs from the vanity or wall. Whatever the case, more T.P. is always a good thing. An affirmation hung near a roll assists a cat in visualizing never-ending rolls — or even one never-ending roll. Good times.

3. Desire, ask, believe, receive NEW BED

Ready to receive.
Ready to receive.

Many books on manifestation outline these four steps as a formula for bringing our desires into fruition. In fact, this method has worked for me on several occasions. Cats are smart. They are willing to try any method to score fun or interesting stuff. I’m sure they’d create little sticky-notes with their version of this affirmation and place it where they’d constantly be reminded of their visualization. For example, if a kitty desired a fancy new bed, he might stick the note next to his old bed. Then he could meditate on the whole situation while falling asleep. Or he might just fall asleep knowing his human will read the affirmation and just buy the bed. But hey — isn’t that manifestation? Bingo!

4. I easily keep litter inside the box


Some cats are high kickers and deep diggers. Yes, I do believe those are official descriptions. What I’m referring to, friends, is litter box behavior. A particularly kicky cat can make a real mess outside the box — you know what I’m talkin’ about. Like there’s been a natural disaster in the form of a litter storm. (Litter-nado?)

A cat committed to reining in the ol’ kickers would definitely want to hang an affirmation as a reminder prior to entering the box. She could even mentally repeat it as a mantra while covering her “business.” This is how real change is made.

5. Unexpected food falls onto the floor

"Where is it?"
“Where is it?”

When it comes to manifestation, we’re taught to expect the best, even if it feels like a longshot. If we want that gorgeous beachfront bungalow or a fancy red sports car, there’s no reason it can’t be ours! Write that affirmation and believe the crap out of it — every bit. I’ve seen magical things happen for me, so I’m a total believer.

Cats are no different. They reach for what might feel impossible. Sure, sometimes food falls from tables and counters onto the floor, but it’s never a guarantee. When we expect good things to happen, they usually do. A cat would definitely create an affirmation around falling food and place it at eye level. Then he’d probably sit and stare at the floor, mostly because cats like to stare and they’re really good at it.

6. I accept myself, even when my ear is flipped inside-out

It's all good, kitty.
It’s all good, kitty.

Most of us struggle with at least a touch of low self-esteem. Maybe we’re self-conscious about the size of our feet, our snort-style laughter (that’s me — shut up), or our chewed-to-the-quick fingernails. Sometimes we write affirmations to remind us we’re beautiful and worthy. I know I write them and hang them on mirrors.

Kitties are pretty self-confident creatures, but when an ear gets flipped inside out or a dingleberry is stuck to a bottom, embarrassment can appear and they need a reminder of their feline perfection. Thanks, affirmations!

7. I am generous with boxes


Not all cats are keen on sharing boxes with their feline friends. If they decided they suddenly didn’t want to act selfishly, they just might write an affirmation reminding them to share. After all, there’s plenty of cardboard to go around. However, like humans, just because we intend something doesn’t mean it always happens. Follow-through is hard! And boxes are cool!

What affirmation would your cat write? Share it in the comments!

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