Special-Needs Rescue Kitten Loves His Bunny Friends

Canelo doesn’t get around well, but this cute rescue kitten is growing stronger thanks to special therapies and playtime with some unusual buddies.

Photo courtesy Molly Wald

Canelo, a sweet, cream-colored kitten was rescued and taken to Best Friends Animal  Sanctuary at the age of 6 weeks with a neurological condition that limits his back-end mobility which, in turn, causes incontinence.

Canelo with one of his bunny friends. Photo courtesy Molly Wald.

While receiving laser therapy for his condition, Canelo spent time recuperating in the Bunny House manager’s office, where he made friends with several of the resident rabbits. He was fascinated by his new, long-eared friends. Most of the bunnies didn’t mind him bouncing after them as they hopped around and would even watch as he played with their toys. Sometimes the way they chewed their hay had Canelo gently pawing at the wiggling “toy” in their mouths.

Thanks to all that bouncing, tumbling play, along with regular acupuncture and laser treatments, Canelo just kept growing stronger. Sensation started coming back to his legs, and he was able to stand up and take a few steps on all four paws – although with a bit of stumbling. He was even able to dig his back claws into a scratching post and climb right up to the top with no hesitation.

Bouncing around with his bunny friends was great, but as Canelo matured, it was time for him to make some feline friends. Canelo has since graduated to living with other kitties at Cat World. He will always have some special needs, but he’s “hopping” that someone will soon fall in love with him and adopt him.

Learn more about Canelo here, and check out this cute video of him with his bunny friends.

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