6-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect


Your kitten is still growing, and by the six month mark you’ll notice he’s traded some of his baby fluff in for a longer, lankier frame before filling out again. If you have a female cat, by six months she will be at the height of puberty and unless she’s been spayed don’t be surprised when the male neighborhood cats start courting her. Male cats reach sexual maturity at nine months of age and now is a good time to think about neutering.

Here’s what you should be thinking about with a 6-month-old kitten:

┬╗ All About Pet Insurance
Pet health insurance is just that: a health insurance policy for your pet. But what does pet health insurance cover? How does it work? Does it cover pre-existing conditions or ongoing treatment? If you’re considering pet insurance, be sure you know what you’re getting for your money and that you fully understand how the reimbursement process works and what the coverage limits are. Learn more about getting insurance for your pet »

┬╗ How to Decipher and Resolve Aggression Problems
In the human world, aggression is considered a completely inappropriate response to most circumstances. But it’s different for cats. For them, aggression is a natural, healthy behavior. Consider the fact that cats are very small creatures and if they didn’t use aggression they probably wouldn’t have survived to become the sweet companions we love today. Read about understanding kitty aggression »

┬╗ Cat-speak Dictionary: Rubbing, Nose-taps, and Kneading
If you have more than one cat, you’ve probably noticed that even if they “talk” to you, they rarely meow at each other. Cats’ bodies communicate more about their emotional and physical state than any mere vocalizations could, and if you really want to be able to understand your kitten’s attempts to talk with you, you need to learn what her body language means. See our short primer »

┬╗ How to Brush Your Kitten’s Teeth
Brushing your cat’s teeth? What a ridiculous idea! Cats don’t need their teeth brushed…or do they? According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of cats show some signs of oral disease by age 3, and 85% of all adult cats have periodontal disease. Read the step-by-step approach »

what to expect in the months 7 through 12 ┬╗

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