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3-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect

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Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Catster Editorial Team

Come your kitten’s third month, he is halfway to adolescence. You’ll notice his pretty blue eyes are starting to change color, usually fading into green and gold. You may find stray teeth on the floor as your kitten sheds his baby teeth and the adult ones come in.

Your pet’s spinal cord and neurological reflexes are at adult levels by this stage. He pounces, climbs and jumps with more grace and confidence and proudly displays his excellent sense of balance with daring acrobatics on your display shelves.

Here’s what you should be thinking about with a 3-month-old kitten:

┬╗ Three Important Things to Discuss with Your Vet
As a cat caretaker, the best thing you can do for your kitten’s health is to have a good relationship with your veterinarian. Your vet wants to be your ally in doing the best you possibly can to take good care of your kitten’s health, and open communication is a vitally important part of that relationship. Here are some important things to discuss┬á┬╗

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┬╗ Your Kitten’s Developmental Milestone Checklist
At the age of 13 weeks, your kitten is about halfway to adolescence. She’s well-socialized and starting to become self-reliant. Her body and mind are growing at an incredible rate, and this is when you’ll see your kitten’s second set of major developmental milestones. Learn more about them here┬á┬╗

┬╗ How to Get Your Kitten Used to Being Groomed
The sooner you start getting your kitten used to being brushed and bathed and having her nails clipped, the easier both of your lives will be. This is particularly important if you have a long-haired kitten because long-haired cats need to be brushed daily to keep their fur free from mats. Make grooming a good experience for both of you »

┬╗ A Guide to Your Kitten’s Senses: Vision
Are cats color-blind? Can they see in the dark? What makes a cat’s eyes glow at night? And how well can cats see, anyway? Learn some fast facts about your cat’s vision┬á┬╗

what to expect in the 4th month ┬╗

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Image Credit: ANURAK PONGPATIMET, Shutterstock

Featured Image Credit: Yossapong tulachom, Shutterstock

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