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6 Cats Who Are Ready to Party

Some abuse the nip, some spin mad tunes, some worry their guests won't show. Ah, to be a party cat.

Angie Bailey  |  Dec 15th 2016

Little known fact: Despite their relaxed nature, cat like to party. They do it when we humans aren’t around, so we don’t catch them in party mode; however, they sure do like to kick up their heels and have a good time. Some even enjoy clubbing on the weekends, and because they’re often awake in the dead of night, shake their tails until the wee hours of the morning.

Here are six kitties who are getting ready to get their party groove on.

1. Lester

Like Fernando, Lester can hear the drums.

Like Fernando, Lester can hear the drums. Photo via Flickr

Lester likes to get warmed up before he hits the clubs. He does this by cranking the ABBA and cutting loose on his family room’s hardwood floor. He wants to make sure his moves are just right before he steps onto the dance floor, where he wears a white polyester jumpsuit and tells everyone his name is Fernando.

2. Brenda

Brenda's spins bring 'em in.

Brenda’s spins bring ’em in. Photo via Flickr

Brenda lives with a well-to-do family in a fancy gated community, but her heart is pure gansta. She DJs on Wednesday nights at Paws Up nightclub and every other Thursday at Gravy Station. Cats come from all over to hear her spectacular spins and watch her hop around in the DJ booth on her hind legs.

Brenda is available to DJ at weddings, house parties and Bar Mitzvahs.

3. Mitzy

They call her "Meow-tini Mitzy," and for good reason.

They call her “Meow-tini Mitzy,” and for good reason. Photo via Flickr

Mitzy likes club-hopping with her girlfriends on Friday nights. Before they hit the town, everyone gathers at her house to throw back some meow-tinis and trade gossip. At the beginning of each night, Mitzy tells her friends, “Don’t let me have too many drinks and go home with strange toms.” The girls all laugh because they know that, no matter what they say, she’ll have too many drinks and go home with some strange tom.

4. Clarence

Clarence knows he'll be the best looking cat on the dance floor. Again.

Clarence knows he’ll be the best looking cat on the dance floor. Again. Photo via Flickr

Clarence likes to look good and spends several hours admiring himself in the mirror before he takes off for a night of partying. He’s known as the “one to watch” at the local clubs because his moves are so slick and there’s never a hair out of place. This is because before he spends hours admiring himself in the mirror, he bathes half a dozen times and even asks his litter mate Stella to polish the top of his head.

One might think he’d always have a cat on his arm, but he never does because he’s more in love with himself than he could be with anyone else. Also, for unknown reasons, he’s taken a vow of celibacy.

5. Marcia

Another party, another set of worries for Marcia.

Another party, another set of worries for Marcia. Photo via Flickr

Marcia’s a giant worry wart. She enjoys hosting friends at her place but spends the half-hour before their arrival concerned no one will show up. Of course, they always do, but it doesn’t stop her from worrying each time. While her guests are whooping it up, she paces, distressed that everyone is having a terrible time. Finally at the end of the night, she rolls around in a pile of catnip in the rumpus room and loosens up a bit … just before everyone leaves. Poor Marrcia.

6. Vivian

When Vivian stage dives, she always lands on her feet.

When Vivian stage dives, she always lands on her feet. Photo via Flickr

Vivian plays the guitar in the all-girl band, Spay This! They headline at several local clubs and have a fierce following of fans who create nip-fueled mosh pits at every show. Vivian trained on classical guitar but gave it up when she met Helga at a music festival and together they formed Spay This! The two have toured with the likes of Not Your Teats and Furry Gurrls.

Do you think your cat is a secret partier? What’s would their party personality be? Tell us in the comments!