How to Save Your Pet Page – 2017

How to Save Your Pet Page

First, find your pet page on, then follow these instructions:

1. Take a screenshot (be sure to close any open ads on your photos before saving):

On a MacBook, use Command + Shift + 3 to save a screenshot of the page to your desktop. On a PC, use Alt + Prt Sc. to save an image of the page to your clipboard. Then go to your photo editing program or a program like Microsoft Word and use Ctlr+V to paste the image into the program and save.


  • Fast — takes only a few clicks
  • Saves a representation of your pet page as a unified image


  • To save the entire pet page, you may need to scroll down to take multiple screenshots.
  • Using your browser’s zoom feature, you can move more of your pet’s page into each screenshot, but resolution is sacrificed in the process, which will become apparent when you blow up the screenshot to a more easily viewable size.

2. Make a web page archive (be sure to close any open ads before saving):

Browsers allow the saving of a page as either a web page complete or as a web page HTML only. The HTML option saves the page as a single document, which is simpler, but it does not save your individual pet photos. The web page complete option creates a folder that will contain all of the images associated with the pet page.



Go into your DOWNLOADS folder to access your files:


Find both the complete and HTML files for your pet’s profile page:





Most of the images will be thumbnails associated with gifts, friends, pals, advertisements, etc., but your pet’s photos will be easy to find because they will be saved with their pet ID# at the beginning of the file name.



  • Saves a complete view of your pet page in as close to the original configuration as possible
  • Fast — Takes only a couple of clicks


  • Takes up much more drive space
  • Advertisements are saved along with your pet page.
  • Community specific links on your pet’s archive page will eventually produce 404 errors when the community database is removed, resulting in a broken link/icon image.
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