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Why Does My Cat Lie on Top of My Laptop? 3 Main Reasons

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

A white-coated cat lying on an hp laptop

Why Does My Cat Lie on Top of My Laptop? 3 Main Reasons

Any of us who share our lives and homes with a cat knows that they’re the real ruler of the roost. Enjoying a glass of water? There’s going to be a paw in it. Growing a gorgeous new houseplant? Those leaves are going to get chewed on. Coming home from a long day at work? You’re going to get a death glare unlike any you’ve encountered before. Own a laptop? There will be a warm, furry loaf of purrs curled up on it at every opportunity—whether open or closed.

People tend to see a lot of human behaviors in their pets that might not necessarily be there. Our cats don’t imitate us as much as we might like them to, but there are some solid reasons why they gravitate toward our laptops so often. Read on to learn about three common reasons.

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The 3 Reasons Why Cats Like to Lie Down on Laptops

1. Cats Enjoy Height and Proximity to Intriguing Things

Cats are nothing if not wily and practical beings. If you’ve ever watched a cat triangulate the location of a spider crossing the minefield of your living room, you’d know they’re capable of making some slick decisions.

Most times, laptops are resting on an elevated surface, like a table, desk, or bed. The laptop offers a defined place to take a load off and a strategic vantage point. They can see who’s coming or going, peek out a window, or knock some pens on the floor—just for kicks.

cat sitting on a silver laptop
Image by: Simon Hrozian, Unsplash

2. Cats Enjoy Heat

Cats have a thermoneutral neutral zone of 85-100 degrees Fahrenheit; this is the environmental temperature at which they don’t have to use any energy to either heat themselves or cool themselves off. Considering how warm laptops can get, most cats will gladly situate themselves right on the keyboard any chance they get. For cats, finding a warm laptop to lie on is like finding that perfect sleeping situation at night—cuddled up in your fluffy duvet, with the cool side of the pillow.

3. Cats Enjoy Human Connection

The primary reason cats lie on your laptops might pull at your heartstrings. Though they may not show it all the time, many cats carry a deep affection for their humans. With that affection, comes the desire to be the center of our world—even at the most inconvenient times. We’ve all seen those cute little paws poking underneath the bathroom door when it’s closed!

When the laptop is out, it usually means we’re focused on something other than them for a few hours, which can be a source of adorable conflict for our feline friends. By positioning themselves on the laptop, cats are wisely making themselves available for the chin scratches and belly rubs they love to get. By lying on your laptop, your cat is demanding to stay the center of your attention.

Interestingly, there is also a biochemical component that draws your cat to your laptop—because it smells just like you, and you are their favorite person. Cats form bonds by using scent; when they rub themselves all over you or on the furniture, it is as much a way to deposit their scent as it is an expression of affection or comfort. By leaving their scent on your laptop, they’re saying “You’re mine!”

woman in red sweater watching laptop beside white cat
Image by: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

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In conclusion, we already knew that cats were intelligent, discerning, and captivating little creatures. Do cats want to achieve world domination? Probably. Do they want to dominate the home they share with you? Absolutely. But only in the most loving way possible.

There are some physical and emotional reasons why cats gravitate toward laptops. Overall, they just want to be comfortable, while taking over our space bubbles as much as possible. Since many of us are glued to a laptop for much of the day, it makes sense that our favorite felines are as drawn to our technology as we are.

Featured Image Credit: Tra My, Unsplash

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