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Why Do Cats Like Tunnels? 7 Interesting Reasons

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

cat looking inside the tunnel

Why Do Cats Like Tunnels? 7 Interesting Reasons

Trying to better understand cats is something those of us who love our feline friends are constantly doing. As kitty parents, we want to provide them with things they’ll enjoy that are safe and beneficial. One item that cat parents should heavily consider is a cat tunnel. Cat tunnels can provide your kitty with hours of fun and enjoyment, but why do cats like them so much? That’s what we’re here to answer. Take a look below to learn 7 interesting reasons your cat likes tunnels and even a few benefits of having one that you may not have thought about before.

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The 7 Reasons Cats Like Tunnels

1. Tunnels Are Great for Exercise

cat playing with a ball and a tunnel at home
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Kittens are notorious for the amount of energy they have. When you bring a new kitten home, they’ll rush around the house, play with toys, and even hide under things. Cat tunnels are a great way to help them burn off that extra energy. Your kitten can rush through the tunnel and take toys inside. Tunnels are even a great way for you to play with your cat.

As cats age, they play a bit less. However, they still need exercise. For cats that aren’t big on playing anymore, introducing a cat tunnel could be the answer. If it’s something new to them, they’ll instantly want to check it out. You can interact and play with your cat while they reap the benefits of great exercise.

2. Cats Like Personal Space

In case you haven’t noticed, cats love having a place they can retreat to when they feel they need a breather. Whether someone has come to visit and your cat isn’t comfortable, noises or activity have them stressed, or they’re simply tired of you and want a break, cat tunnels offer your kitty a place no one else can access. Having a place that no one can invade is ideal for cats of all ages.

3. The Perfect Napping Spot

Cute cat napping inside cat tunnel
Image Credit: AnnyPenny, Shutterstock

Yes, cats are always on the prowl for the perfect place to take a nap. Inside a dark tunnel where you, the kids, and even the family dog can not find them is the perfect spot. Don’t be surprised to find your cat hiding out in their tunnel after a day of playtime and socializing to get a few hours of the rest they need to stay happy and healthy.

4. Tunnels Promote Natural Instincts

One thing about cat tunnels most of us see quite often is the sneak attack. Yes, cats are notorious for launching out of their tunnel to sneak up on you or attack a toy. This is because it’s natural for them. In the wild, big cats like to stalk and sneak up on prey. The same can be said for feral cats in your neighborhood. All this is natural even for domesticated kitties. Having a tunnel where they can pounce and be themselves is a great way of allowing them to simply have fun.

5. Fight Aging

Cat playing inside cat tunnel
Image Credit: Daga_Roszkowska, Pixabay

Whether we want to admit it or not, cats age. When this happens, they naturally slow down. While some toys may bring out the kitten in them, not all of them will. Offering your aging kitty a cat tunnel may do the trick. Being more active and stimulated is great for aging cats. Use a tunnel and give it a try to see if your cat enjoys it.

6. Fight Obesity

Your cat may not realize it, but the tunnel they love so much is helping them fight obesity. Yes, cats are notorious for gaining a bit of weight as they age. Who isn’t? We all love food, right? For cats that are fans of cat tunnels and playing inside them, keeping off extra pounds is a bonus. Your cat may not be using their tunnel for this reason, but who says they have to be aware of things that are beneficial to their health?

7. Your Cat Thinks It’s Fun

White cat playing inside cat tunnel
Image Credit: habunman, Pixabay

Possibly the biggest reason your cat likes tunnels is the fun involved. Some cats can get lost for hours at a time playing. While we may miss seeing them lounging on the sofa beside us, the joy your kitty gets from something they enjoy is hard to deny.



Cat tunnels are a great addition to any home with a cat. Cats can spend hours playing, hunting, and even interacting with you from their tunnels. You’ll also see them benefit from having their own space to hide, rest, and simply decompress after a long day. If you have not grabbed your kitty a tunnel to have at home, you should definitely consider it or try making one! Having a happy, healthy cat is a benefit the entire family will enjoy.


Featured Image Credit: tookapic, Pixabay

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