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Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter System Review: Recalls, Pros & Cons

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter System Review: Recalls, Pros & Cons

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give the Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter System a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Cat owners always look for innovative ways to simplify the litter box process. If you ask anyone, their least favorite part of cat-owning is usually cleaning up after them. To make the process easier, Purina has created a system that takes a lot of the work out of it for you.

You might have heard of gimmicks, tricks, and promises galore regarding innovative litter box systems. So, does this setup actually work? We’ve taken a good look into the Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter System, and our review below can help you decide if it’s suitable for your favorite kitty.


At a Glance: The Tidy Breeze Cat Litter System Features

Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Tidy Cats Breeze Original Litter System Tidy Cats Breeze Original Litter System
  • Hood keeps pellets in
  • Great for messy cats
  • All perks of the original design
  • For Messy Cats
    Second place
    Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded Litter System Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded Litter System
  • Helps control litter box odors
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable urine-absorbing pads
  • For Multi-Cat Households
    Third place
    Tidy Cats Breeze XL All-in-One Litter System Tidy Cats Breeze XL All-in-One Litter System
  • Terrific for multicat households
  • Extra-large design
  • Lifted sides
  • Tidy Breeze Cat Litter System Reviewed

    Now comes the best part. Let’s dive into the details of this product.

    Who Makes Tidy Breeze Cat Litter & Where Is It Produced?

    Purina has been a leader in pet supplies for 90 years and counting. In 2001, they became a subsidiary of the Nestle company. The main headquarters for Nestle Purina Petcare is based in St. Louis, Missouri. However, they have operations worldwide, including North America, Africa, Asia, South America, and Oceania.

    Purina caters to cats and dogs with everything from nutritious formulas and tasty snacks to premium litter.

    Which Types of Cats Is Tidy Breeze Cat Litter Best Suited For?

    Tidy Breeze Cat Litter equally benefits cat owners and their felines. The product won’t irritate your kitty’s skin or cause messes. Rather than being made for a cat’s pleasure, the Tidy Cats Breeze System aims to make cleaning the litter box easier for pet parents. It works for virtually any cat, and the three varieties cover all of your cat’s bathroom habits. Whether they sling out litter or use the bathroom modestly, you’ll find that one of the three works best for your cat.

    Which Types of Cats Might Do Better with a Different Brand?

    On rare occasions, some cats might not enjoy the feeling of the pellets on their feet. It might not be the best material to attract them to their litter box. If that is the case, it can cause your cat to use the bathroom outside the box.

    Other systems use different textures of litter, which might be more fitting for your cat. Similar litter box systems, such as the Omega Paw Roll’ n Clean litter box, may work better. Rather than using a pellet-based litter, you can use silica or clumping litter.

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    Discussion of the Primary Features

    • Overall Structure—The box is incredibly durable and long-lasting. The entire design reduces the risk of messes to simplify the cleanup process. Each of the three systems is set up differently, but overall, they have the same primary perks.
    • Grated Floor DesignThe graded portion allows urine to filter through to the odor pad on the bottom. It keeps the top pellets in place, allowing feces to set without falling through.
    • Pellets—The dehydrating pellets filter the urine while keeping the poop at the top setting is a breeze.
    • Absorbent PadThe absorbent pad collects urine and traps the odor, so no ammonia smells are lingering in your house. It has built-in odor blockers to assist, too.

    You must replace the pellets and absorbent pads each time you need fresh supplies. Therefore, it’s more expensive than a traditional litter box, but it’s worth it for the clean-up and odor control.

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    How Easy is the Tidy Cats Breeze System to Clean?

    One of this system’s primary points is to make it easier for parents to clean up after their kitties and keep boxes fresher for longer. The pellet litter is easy to sift through, so you don’t spend much time trying to scoop the box.

    The different box designs also let you tailor to your kitty’s bathroom habits.

    Is the Tidy Cats Breeze System Simple to Set Up?

    Each design has a different setup process, but all three are simple to assemble.


    The original system is straightforward to set up. All you have to do is place the grated tray in the bottom, ensure the odor pads are in place, and fill the top portion with the pellet litter.


    With the fitted version, the setup is incredibly similar to the original. The only difference is that you must secure the hood to the bottom tray.


    The all-in-one XL version comes with everything that you need to get started. Upfront, it’s a great way to save on the supplies you need to get started. Plus, it’s designed to support multicat households for ultra-freshness.

    Can You Use Other Litter with the Tidy Cats Breeze System?

    Because the system is designed for the pellets and odor pads that come with it, you can’t use other products. Other systems on the market don’t require a specific litter.

    Not-So-Great Points about the Tidy Cats Breeze System

    Even though the Tidy Cats system works well for its intended purpose, a few things might deter buyers.

    • Replacements can get pricey. Not only do you have to buy replacement pellet litter, you also have to purchase the absorbent pads to contain the smell of urine. Ultimately, it costs more than using clay litter and a simple litter box, but you can also go longer without cleaning it.
    • Not every cat will take to the pellets. Cats love to dig and cover their poop. If they don’t like the pellets, it could cause them to go to the bathroom outside the box.
    • You can only use the pellet-based litter. Because of the grated floor in the system, if your cat doesn’t like the pellets, you’re out of luck. The pellets are the only litter you can use that won’t fall through to the bottom, defeating the filtration aspect’s purpose.

    As every cat owner knows, even fantastic products sometimes don’t work for all pets. If your cat does not like the new litter box, you may have to use a standard model with clay litter.

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    A Quick Look at Tidy Breeze Cat Litter System

    • Easy cleanup
    • Odor reduction
    • Three types available
    • Smart design
    • Replacement items might be more expensive than traditional cat litter

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    Reviews of the 2 Types of Tidy Breeze Cat Litter Systems

    1. Tidy Cats Breeze Original Litter System — Our Favorite

    Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System

    We love the Tidy Cat Breeze Original Litter System because it has all most cat owners need. Without any extra bells or whistles, it takes care of harsh odors and makes cleaning a breeze—no pun intended. The dehydrating litter pellets are designed to keep your kitties safe.

    It has no harmful dust that can irritate your cat’s respiratory system. It also reduces tracking, so there’s no mess to clean up whenever your cat walks out of the box. Underneath is a super absorbent pad for odor control, keeping your home smelling fresh no matter when your cat uses the bathroom. Your cat’s feces stays on the pellets while the urine trickles down to the pad, making it easy to sift.

    • Hood keeps pellets in
    • Great for messy cats
    • All perks of the original design
    • Not necessary for all cats

    2. Tidy Cats Breeze XL All-in-One Litter System — For Multi-Cat Households

    Tidy Cats Breeze XL All-In-One Cat Litter Box System

    As the name implies, the Tidy Cats Breeze XL All-in-One Litter System is a larger version of the other two systems, with all the supplies you need to get started. If you have larger cats or a multi-cat household, it might be the better buy. Each box comes with the litter box and scooper, four absorbent odor pads, and two bags of litter pellets.

    Everything you get in the box is meant to last for up to a month before you have to replace the products. This design is intended to block odors for up to a week without needing to be changed. The Breeze XL looks a bit different than the others. It is larger with tall sides to keep the litter off your floor.

    • Terrific for multicat households
    • Extra-large design
    • Lifted sides
    • It might be too big for some situations

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    What Other Users Are Saying

    Rather than reading the claims made on the manufacturer’s website, you can get a clearer picture of the product’s effectiveness by reading customer reviews. So, what are other cat owners saying about the Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter System?

    • Chewy—” If you are looking for a solution to a messy cat and litter everywhere and odor no matter what you do, this is it. Cleanup is so much easier, it’s so much CLEANER. We’ve used this for about 6 weeks now, and it has made such a difference. I hated the way litter smelled, hated that litter was always tracked everywhere despite a pad. This eliminated all of that. Definitely recommend!”

    “While I can confirm that there was no urine odor, the product had other flaws and I ended up throwing it out and going to a regular box with regular unscented clumping litter and am much happier.”

    • Amazon—We always love to check out what Amazon users are saying about a product before we buy, especially when it comes to satisfying our especially picky felines!


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    Aside from the high replacement costs, the Tidy Cats Breeze system works quite well in all three designs. The one you choose should reflect the bathroom habits of your cats. Some cats flick litter more than others. If you have a particularly messy cat, you might need the hooded version. However, the original system is a great place to start.

    The deluxe all-in-one XL version might be best for multi-cat households. Your decision should be based on the number of cats you have, their bathroom habits, and whatever lies within your price range. If you are sick of the odor and hassle that comes with the litter box, the Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter System is well worth the investment.

    Featured Image Credit: Chewy |  yamamedal, Shutterstock

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