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100+ Spiritual Cat Names: Ideas for your Mystical Cat

Written by: Chelsea Mortensen

Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Spiritual Cat Names

100+ Spiritual Cat Names: Ideas for your Mystical Cat

Spirituality can mean different things to different people, but a spiritual identity is a core part of people’s lives all around the world. The spiritual, the mystic, and the occult are steeped in thousands of years of powerful belief systems and stories. With such a rich heritage, why wouldn’t you want a mystical or spiritual cat name? Here are dozens of ideas for names with meanings.


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Magical Cat Names for Witches and Magicians

Are you a believer in astrology or a practicer of witchcraft? Do you love magicians and horoscopes? If so, a magical name might be an excellent choice for your cat.

  • Aquarius: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Aries: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Astral: A spiritual body
  • Aura: Luminous halo of light
  • Cancer: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Capricorn: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Charm: A small spell
  • Gemini: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Grimalkin: Old English name for a witch’s cat
  • Grimoire: A book of spells
  • Heka: Egyptian magic
  • Hex: A mischievous spell
  • Horoscope: A prediction based on the stars
  • Leo: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Libra: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Mystique: Something mysterious
  • Omen: A sign of the future
  • Oracle: A seer
  • Pagan: A believer in multiple gods or ancient religions
  • Pisces: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Prophecy: A vision of the future
  • Raven: A bird associated with witches
  • Rune: Norse writing associated with magic
  • Sagittarius: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Scorpio: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Scry: Seeking visions of a distant place
  • Spirit: A person’s inner self
  • Tarot: A type of card used in fortune-telling
  • Taurus: A sign in the Zodiac
  • Virgo: A sign in the Zodiac

black and white tuxedo cat wearing crown

    Image credit: Luku Muffin, Unsplash


Spiritual Cat Names with Christian Roots

About 70% of Americans identify as Christian. Many of the most common names in English-speaking countries have Christian roots. Each of the names on this list has a meaning that is a reminder of faith and devotion.

  • Abraham: Father of Nations
  • Adonai: God is my Lord
  • Ariel: Victorious lion of God
  • Bernice: Peace bringer
  • Bethel: House of God
  • Christian: Follower of Christ
  • Crux: A Cross
  • Deborah: The Word
  • Faith: Belief in religion
  • Gertrude: Patron Saint of Cats in Catholicism
  • Grace: Salvation through religious power
  • Joshua: God is my salvation
  • Matthew: A gift from God
  • Mercy: Salvation despite weakness
  • Obadiah: Servent of God
  • Peter: Rock of faith
  • Saint: Someone who has reached salvation
  • Tabitha: Female disciple of Jesus Christ

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    Image Credit: Altsva, Shutterstock

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God and Hero Names for Male Cats

If you want to look further afield, many names from around the world with spiritual and religious significance make great cat names. These names are from Egypt to India and everywhere in between.

  • Anubis: Egyptian jackal-headed god
  • Ares: Greek god of war
  • Arthur: Mythical champion of England
  • Brahma: Hindu creator god
  • Cupid: Greek god of attraction
  • Hades: Greek god of the dead
  • Janus: God of beginnings and endings
  • Jehovah: Name for God in the Old Testament
  • Jove: Alternate Roman name for Jupiter
  • Jupiter: Roman god of thunder
  • Loki: Norse Trickster god
  • Merlin: Arthurian wizard
  • Mars: Roman god of War
  • Odin: King of Norse gods
  • Odysseus: Greek hero
  • Osiris: Egyptian god of the dead
  • Pluto: Roman god of the dead
  • Shiva: Hindu destroyer god
  • Thor: Norse god of Thunder
  • Yahweh: Name for God in the Old Testament
  • Vishnu: Hindu preserver god
  • Zeus: Greek god of thunder

Mekong Bobtail Male Cat

    Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock

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Mystical Names for Your Feline Goddess

Does your cat think she’s a goddess? Perhaps the right name for her comes from an ancient religion where goddesses and heroines take center stage.

  • Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love
  • Athena: Greek goddess of war
  • Bastet: Egyptian cat goddess
  • Calliope: The Greek muse of poetry
  • Calypso: A Greek nymph
  • Circe: Greek enchantress
  • Devi: Goddess in Hindi
  • Diana: Roman goddess of the hunt
  • Hera: Greek goddess of marriage
  • Medusa: Greek woman from mythology
  • Minerva: Roman goddess of war
  • Morgana: Arthurian enchantress
  • Persephone: Greek woman from mythology
  • Sekhmet: Egyptian lion goddess
  • Thalia: Greek muse of comedy
  • Venus: Roman goddess of love
  • Urania: Greek muse of astronomy
female of Lilac point Siamese cat
Image Credit: tovsla, Shutterstock

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Mythological Names from Magical Creatures

If you are looking for something a little more gender-neutral, a magical creature could be the perfect inspiration. These beasts have deep roots that bring to mind mystery and power.

  • Dragon: Vast, powerful reptile
  • Siren: Enchanting sea creature
  • Chimera: Hybrid fire-breather
  • Sphynx: Mysterious, human-headed lion
  • Griffin: Lion-eagle hybrid
  • Sylph: A fairy
  • Phoenix: bird born from flames
  • Pixie: A small fairy
  • Quetzelcoatl: Colorful flying serpent
  • Imp: A mischievous creature
  • Elf: A forest-dwelling fairy
  • Sidhe: An Irish fairy
  • Drake: Another word for dragon
  • Werecat: A man that can turn into a cat


Final Thoughts

Spiritual names are ideal for cats since they can be just as unique or mysterious as felines. Although you may be anxious to find the perfect name for your kitty, take your time and don’t rush the process. You can list your favorites and say them aloud; some names may seem more fitting until you hear how they sound or see how your cat reacts. Whether your cat is more of a Griffin or a Bernice, we’re confident you’ll find a name your kitty will love.

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