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9 Signs Your Cat Is Bored & How to Fix It

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on February 8, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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9 Signs Your Cat Is Bored & How to Fix It

Heaven forbid your cat should be short on entertainment. If they don’t have enough to do, you might notice a few different behaviors they’re using to communicate that they are bored to tears.

If you are unsure of exactly what your cat is doing to communicate with you, there are some visual cues to know. Here is a breakdown of exactly the kind of actions you can expect from a cat who is looking for something exciting to do.

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The 9 Signs Your Cat Is Bored

1. Meowing

Is your kitty quite talkative lately? Maybe what they’re really saying is that they’re ready for some action. If your cat is following you around vocalizing their concerns, toss them a toy or two or take a time out for a chasing session. See if that alleviates some of the trouble.

2. Batting

Is your cat giving you a little tap on the arm? Sometimes, this is a way to get your attention. Maybe they want to play. Perhaps they simply want a good rubdown. Either way, batting you means they’re probably just bored and need something to keep themselves content.

Cat playing with human
Image Credit by: Florian Höllmüller, Pixabay

3. Upside-Downing

When we say “upside-downing”, you know exactly what we mean. You’re just walking by, minding your own business, and out comes your cat out of nowhere, flipping over on their back and wiggling around on the ground. You know that if you walk by, you will be attacked. What else do they have to do?

4. Tail-Flicking

If your cat is just sitting there staring into the nothingness, flicking the tip of their tail, they might be just waiting for something concrete to happen. After all, there’s not much they can do when there’s a piece of glass between them and the birds they long to chase.

tail of a cat on vintage background
Image Credit by: italay, Shutterstock

5. Pouncing

Does your kitty hop on every inanimate object they see? Pouncing is an action kittens begin to practice hunting. If you notice your kitty pouncing on unsuspecting items, they might just be looking for a cheap thrill.

6. Rubbing

If you have just come home after a long day, your kitty might be rubbing up against your legs. While this is a direct sign that they are marking you as their territory, they also might be excited that you’re home. Chances are, they have run out of things to do and are now relying on you for some entertainment.

grey cat rubbing againts its owners leg
Image Credit: Gordana Sermek, Shutterstock

7. Bunting

Bunting is when your kitty jumps into your hand and rubs their head on your palm. Just like rubbing, this is your cat’s way of leaving their scent on you. However, if they have nothing to do, they might be overwhelming you with bunting love.

8. Staring

Have you ever been half-stared at by your cat from across the room? Their eyes closed slowly, and the end of their tail whips ever so slightly. Yes, chances are they are all out of activities and expect you to do something to fill the void.

Cat staring at the camera
Image Credit: Doris Metternich, Pixabay

9. Instigating Play

If your cat is bored, it might not be leaving you alone at all. They could be trying to bat every movement that you make and/or following every step you take. If they insist on playing, you can get them a few of their favorite toys to keep them busy.

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Curbing Kitty Boredom

If you have a particularly unexcited cat with nothing to do, there are ways you can make this better. Let’s take a look at some potential boredom relief for your beloved feline.

1. Get them a friend

If you just aren’t enough to keep your cat occupied, you might want to consider a friend. If your cat has another animal to play with, they are much less likely to rely on you for entertainment.

If you do start looking for a new feline to add to your home, make sure that their energy levels are compatible. You wouldn’t want a particularly lazy cat coming home to your kitty if all they want to do is play.

Just make sure to fill out the situation so you know that you’re adding a teammate and not a rival.

Two cats hanging by the fence
Image Credit: Adina Voicu, Pixabay

2. Fill their supply of toys

Maybe you don’t have enough to keep your kitty occupied. Always make sure to buy a large variety of toys, and they don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Cats benefit from a number of sounds, textures, and functions.

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3. Offer activity stations

It’s becoming quite a common thing to have an entire activity station for a feline. These stations could include scratching posts, exercise wheels, and little hideouts. The more your kitty can claim territory, the happier they will be. You can buy premade items or come up with a collective of your own.

Cat chilling at cat's station
Image Credit: Alexas_Photos, Pixabay

4. Make climbing platforms

You can put up shelving and other platforms on your walls so that your cat can climb. Cats absolutely love to be at the top of everything, as any cat owner knows.

The more levels you can create in your home, the more your cat will feel like they have space to explore. If you have the wall space, it’s definitely something to look into.

5. Try your hand at DIY projects

The Internet is flooded with DIY projects. You can make the most fantastic cat toys and activity centers for next to nothing. You can just take some scraps that you have at your house that maybe you haven’t been using and make them work for you.

Also, most DIYs are simply guidelines. You can take a creation and put your own spin on it to serve a unique purpose in your home.

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Sure, there are lots of reasons your cat might be bored. But the bottom line is that when anything is boring, it’s simply because there’s not enough to do. Many cats will have higher activity levels, making them harder to entertain than others.

But if you get crafty and creative, you can create quite the exploratory for your kitty. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hammers out. It might even relieve some of your own boredom too.

Featured Image Credit: Danny Chang, Pixabay

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