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9 Ragamuffin Cat Colors & Patterns (With Pictures & Infographic)

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Ragamuffin cat hiding in bed

9 Ragamuffin Cat Colors & Patterns (With Pictures & Infographic)

The Ragamuffin is a very outgoing and docile cat breed that loves to lounge around on its owner’s lap. It’s outgoing and enjoys children and other pets. It purrs loudly and has a chubby body with soft fur, a long lifespan, and a few health problems. If you are interested in purchasing one of these fine animals, you are likely curious about what colors and patterns a Ragamuffin cat can have.

Join us while we look at the nine patterns available on the Ragamuffin as well as the various colors.

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Ragamuffin Cat Colors & Patterns


The Ragamuffin is available in all colors. Black, blue, chocolate, cream, fawn, lilac, red, and white are the most popular. The colors can be deep or dilute.

9 Ragamuffin Cat Colors & Patterns

Common Colors and Patterns

1. Solid

white ragamuffin cat
Image by: picture.factory, Shutterstock

The solid coat is extremely common in the Ragamuffin, with grey and red the most common colors. The solid coat has only one color over most of the body, including the belly, though it may have a small amount of white on the feet, tail, or chin.

2. Tortoiseshell

tortoiseshell ragamuffin cat
Image by: Laralou Photography, Shutterstock

The tortoiseshell cat is striking and chaotic. It’s a solid coat with two colors mixed haphazardly throughout the fur. The most common colors are chocolate and cinnamon, but you can also find blue, lilac, or fawn. An ideal tortoiseshell will have a darker color on the face with a lighter color on the nose’s bridge. This face coloring is called a “blaze,” but not all tortoiseshell cats have it.

3. Tabby

tabby ragamuffin cat
Image by: Benjamin B, Shutterstock

The tabby cat is by far the most common, but it’s not a pattern as much as it is a marking. Tabby cats have stripes or spots on the face and side of their bodies. It will also have a stripe that resembles the letter M on their forehead.

4. Mink

mink ragamuffin cat
Image by: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

The mink coat is unique to the Ragamuffin. It’s a specific bloodline in the Ragamuffin breed that results in a smoother coat than a standard Ragamuffin with softer hair that resembles the fur farmed mink.

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Less Common Colors and Patterns

5. Calico

calico ragamuffin cat
Image Credit: Daria.G, Shutterstock

Calico cats have patches of two colors plus white, most commonly red, black, and white. It’s rare to find a male cat with both red and black colors because of genetics, so almost all calico cats are female. Calico cats usually have white bellies with white, red, and black patches over the sides, back, tail, and face.

6. Bi-color

bi color ragamuffin cat
Image Credit: Billy Ong, Shutterstock

The bi-color coat has patches of one color plus white. It’s extremely common among most breeds and is easy to find on a Ragamuffin. The most common colors are black and red, but a wide variety of other colors are available. These cats generally have a white belly that can extend up to their chin, with patches of color on the back, head, face, and tail. They can be small patches or take on a saddle’s appearance and be with or without tabby markings.

7. Tuxedo

Tuxedo Ragamuffin Cat
Image Credit: Kill_Baal, Shutterstock

The Tuxedo coat is a type of bi-color coat. It’s usually a black cat with white trimming that makes it look like it’s wearing a traditional tuxedo. It’s quite formal looking, and while black is the most common, other colors are also available.

8. Smoke

smoke ragamuffin cat
Image Credit: Zanna Pesnina, Shutterstock

Smoke is another pattern you can find on the Ragamuffin that is very attractive. Due to genetics, cats with this coat have strands of hair with bands of color. At the base, there is little pigment, and the hair is white or lightly colored. At the tip, there is plenty of pigment providing a rich, dark color. These bands cause the hair to appear to change color as you pet it.

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Colors and Patterns Not Recognized in Competitions

9. Colorpoint

colorpoint ragamuffin cat
Image Credit: Scarlat Cristi Iulian, Shutterstock

The colorpoint pattern is the single coat not allowed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association because the colorpoint pattern is for the Ragdoll breed. The Ragdoll is similar to the Ragamuffin but is only available in the colorpoint pattern.

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The Ragamuffin is a nice, big, fluffy cat that anyone will enjoy having around the house. Children will love their plush, longhaired coat, and you can get in it in almost any color and pattern. The solid, tortoiseshell, and tabby are the most commonly bred, but many people interested in this breed are looking for a unique mink coat, which can be quite expensive.

No matter which coat and color you get, the Ragamuffin is sure to provide you with many years of loving friendship. If we have helped convince you to purchase one of these cats, please share these 9 Ragamuffin cat colors and patterns on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image: Ryo Nagashima, Shutterstock

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