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Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Our 2024 Review & Comparison

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on February 6, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Litter genie vs litter locker

Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Our 2024 Review & Comparison

Litter box odor can feel like a never-ending battle for cat owners. Whether it’s the box itself or the odors the mess we scoop each day leaves lingering in our trash can, there are days when it seems nothing can help. That’s simply not the case, however. Have you heard of Litter Genie? What about LitterLocker? If not, and you have cats, you’re in luck. These litter disposal systems are ingenious ways of locking away the fun stuff we scoop from our kitty’s litter box. Using advanced odor-locking technology and disposable bags, these systems make our lives so much easier. But how do they compare? Which is the best one for your home? Let’s take a closer look at home these two brands compare so you can choose the disposal system best suited for your kitty care needs.

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A Quick Comparison

Brand name Litter Genie LitterLocker
Established 2012 2002
Headquarters North Bergen, New Jersey Montreal, Quebec
Product lines Litter Genie Cat Disposal System

Litter Genie Plus Pail

Litter Genie XL Pail

Parent company/Major Subsidiaries Angelcare Angelcare

Brief History of Litter Genie & LitterLocker

It is impossible to tell the history of Litter Genie and LitterLocker separately. It all began in 1997 when a new father wasn’t pleased with the options he found for baby monitors. With hard work and diligence, Maurice Pinsonnault developed a baby monitor that detected motion, and Angelcare was born. It wasn’t long after developing the baby monitor that Angelcare decided to tackle smelly diapers. In 2005, they decided to work with Playtex to engineer a pail that could hold diapers, without the worry of all the associated smell, thus the Diaper Genie was born.

Seeing this revolutionary item, the company decided to take it a step further. Why not rid people of unwanted cat litter smell as well? In 2002, they decided to do just that and launched the LitterLocker in Canada. Seeing the innovation and success LitterLocker was showing, Playtex once again stepped up to the plate and worked with Angelcare to develop a US version of the litter pail. In 2012, the companies worked together to launch Litter Genie and offer American cat owners the same odor relief as those in Canada. Now, these products are available in multiple countries to eliminate the unwanted odors of cats worldwide.

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Litter Genie Manufacturing

The Litter Genie, Angelcare, and Playtex’s American Litter Pail operate out of North Bergen, New Jersey. The town has a population of a little over 63,000 people. The Litter Genie production in the area employs roughly 30 people and is considered the main manufacturing location of the company.

LitterLocker Manufacturing

LitterLocker is made in Montreal, Quebec. As Canada’s largest city, it isn’t surprising to find the base of operations of the company in this area. Nestled on an island, Montreal plays host to over 1.7 million people and is considered the hub of Canada.

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Litter Genie Product Line

Litter Genie is best known for its line of cat litter disposal pails. These pails come with advanced refill bags that are designed to lock away odors and help you avoid making trips outside each time you scoop your kitty’s litter. The pail itself comes in several sizes: the original, a plus, and an XL. The larger pails are designed for homes with multiple cats to ensure they are sizable enough to hold the excess litter needed.


It is the refills that are most important when it comes to litter pails. The bags used by Litter Genie come with 7-layer odor-absorbing technology to help fight the unwanted smells associated with your cat’s litter box. The amount of refills you’ll need is determined by the number of cats in your home and how often you’ll need to change bags.

LitterLocker Product Line

The LitterLocker pail is similar to the Litter Genie. Both pails are made from plastic. The biggest difference between them is the shape. The LitterLocker is more of a squared shape. The LitterLocker comes in one size but is designed to work well at absorbing odors. You will find that LitterLocker offers decorative sleeves that allow you to change the overall look of your pail if you choose.


Like the Litter Genie, LitterLocker uses refills to keep kitty wastes hidden away and odor-free. One refill is designed to work for up to 14 days, as with the Litter Genie.

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Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Price

Neither the Litter Genie or LitterLocker is overpriced, however, the Litter Genie is slightly more affordable overall. The real area where these two products make their money is the refills you must buy. Each refill lasts for up to 14 days, but if you have multiple cats or situations arise where you must change more often, you’ll find yourself buying additional ones more often.

Litter Genie Plus Cat

Litter Genie

Litter Genie offers three sizes when it comes to their pails. The larger you go, the more money you’ll pay. All pails are basic in color and design, which means there are no hidden costs in these areas.


LitterLocker works with a one-size-fits-all mentality. While that works in most cases, if you have multiple cats in your home, you will find yourself spending more money when it comes to your refills. What this pail offers that Litter Genie doesn’t is decorative sleeves to change their look. If you decide to buy a sleeve to make your litter pail a bit more appealing, expect to pay more money overall.

Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Warranty

Most pet stores, including Amazon, offer a type of warranty when you purchase something. The warranty information we’re looking at in this section is that offered by the companies themselves. Let’s take a look at what each one offers.

Litter Genie

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any warranty information about the Litter Genie. Other than your standard warranty offered by the store where you purchased your Genie, there is a way to contact customer service if you have issues. This would be our best advice on finding out what they offer in terms of their warranty.


LitterLocker offers a 1-year warranty that their product is free of any workmanship and material defects. They state that if the product fails to operate as it should while being used properly, they will replace or repair the product for up to 1-year, with proof of purchase by the original owner.

Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Customer Service

Customer care is a driving force behind customer satisfaction. Here’s what we found about both companies and their customer service options.

Litter Genie

Contacting the people at Litter Genie is quite easy. On their website, you have the option of chatting with someone to help take care of your issues. Most users speak highly of the customer service they receive and mention prompt resolutions to issues.


Things are quite similar over at LitterLocker. Perhaps this is due to them sharing the same parent company. Most feel that customer service is quick to respond and tries to take care of issues as soon as they possibly can.

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Head-to-Head: Litter Genie Cat Disposal System vs LitterLocker Cat Disposal System

  • Our Verdict: Draw

When it comes to the litter pails themselves, placing them head to head results in basically a draw. With the Litter Genie, you have a larger pail to work with, even when using their basic model, but that is truly the only difference. Your starter systems come with the pail, a scooper, and a refill bag. You’ll also find that the refills are interchangeable, making the product even more similar.

Head-to-Head: Litter Genie Refills vs LitterLocker Refills

  • Our Verdict: Draw

Unfortunately, the refills are where the money comes into play. Buying refills for either system can be expensive, but they ultimately do the same thing. Both come with odor-locking technology that works well. Again, it is hard to distinguish between either in this category. If your kitty box is overly smelly and you need a little assistance in the box between cleans, Hepper Advance Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator is a great addition to your odor-fighting arsenal.

At Catster, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

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Image By: Tiplyashina Evgeniya, Shutterstock

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Overall Brand Reputation

When thinking of overall brand reputation it is hard to choose a clear winner between these two. With both items having the same parent company, the similarities are almost too close to call. Still, let’s take a look and see exactly how they compare.


  • Edge: Draw

Both systems do what they claim to do. If you want a place to dispose of your kitty’s waste without the worries of smelling, both the Litter Genie and LitterLocker work great.


  • Edge: Draw

It’s all according to where you live. The LitterLocker is the Canadian option. If you live in Canada and purchase the LitterLocker, the amount you’d pay is similar to that we’d pay here in the States for the Litter Genie.


  • Edge: Draw

Both pails are made of plastic. This means a good kick or drop could cause slight damage. However, these are cat litter disposal pails. They aren’t heavily banged around and should stand up for quite some time with proper care.


  • Edge: Litter Genie

In our opinion, the slightly larger dimensions of the Litter Genie make its design a bit easier to work with. You’ll also find that the sleek color works well inside the home and doesn’t particularly stand out.

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When trying to pick a favorite between the Litter Genie and the LitterLocker it’s honestly too close to call. We feel that the Litter Genie has a bit of an edge when it comes to the overall design, but that edge is almost too small to make note of. If you’re looking for a litter disposal system to help eliminate odors around your home, we feel that either of these options will work great. You can easily scoop your box, lock the odors away, and continue with your life.

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