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How to Use Cat Litter Deodorizers: 5 Tips & Tricks

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Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Lorre Luther

It can be hard to mask the smell of cat litter when you share your life with cats. The last thing you want to do is walk in the door and be met with that intense, distinct odor. This leaves many people resorting to scented litter or air fresheners to cover up these litter box odors.

This can sometimes be problematic, as these scents may deter cats, or they may not be getting the job done well enough for your satisfaction. That’s where cat litter deodorizer comes in. If you are ready to try out this approach, read along for some tips and tricks on how to use cat litter deodorizers.

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The 5 Tips for Using Litter Deodorizer

1. Make Sure the Litter Box is Empty

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When you are ready to use some litter deodorizer to help you control odor, you will want to start with a clean slate. First, you should empty your litter box of all the content and dispose of it accordingly. Make sure to scrape off the sides and remove any leftover litter or waste.

2. Wash Your Litter Box Thoroughly

After you have everything cleaned out, it’s time to do a thorough washing of the box. Using hot water will typically work just fine unless you feel the box has a residual smell, in which you can then use some dish soap along with the hot water.

Scrub it as needed and make sure to rinse it thoroughly if you use any dish soap. Once it has been rinsed, make sure both the inside and outside are completely dry before you do anything else.

3. Cover the Bottom of the Empty Litter Box with the Deodorizer

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Once your litter box is all clean, you can then cover the bottom of the box with your litter box’s deodorizer. Have the box sitting on an even, flat surface to ensure you cover it evenly.

You need to read the instructions for the specific litter box deodorizer that you have purchased. Since there are several varieties available on the market, the instructions may not be the same for each one. To get the most effective result, you will want to follow the guidelines for unique brands and products.

4. Add in Your Litter

If the bottom of the litter box is covered, now you can pour in the desired amount of litter for your box. It’s a good idea to use a high-quality cat litter that does well at controlling odor for a more well-rounded attack on the cat litter smells. This isn’t always possible though and most cat litter deodorizers can be added to any type of litter.

If you're dealing with stubborn smells in your litter box or elsewhere in your house, a good cat litter deodorizer can work wonders.

hepper bio-enzymatic cat litter deodorizer

We recommend Hepper's Advanced Bio-Enzyme Cat Litter Deodorizer, an all-natural litter additive that fights odors using bio-enzymes. This effective deodorizer is fragrance-free and works on all types of cat litter. It's also effective anywhere you have lingering odors, including diaper pails, garbage cans, and kennels!

At Excited Cats, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

5. Sprinkle the Deodorizer on Top

If the bottom of the box is covered with the deodorizer and you’ve filled up your litter, you can now sprinkle some more deodorizer on top of the litter and mix it in thoroughly. Once that is complete, your cat will be all ready to get back to business.

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Types of Cat Litter Deodorizers


The most common form of litter deodorizer is powder. These powders are made primarily of baking soda since it has powerful odor-neutralizing effects. They also contain other ingredients too, like fragrance.

The products in powder form are poured directly into the litter box and mixed in well with the litter. Most cat owners would agree that the powder is the most effective type, which is likely why it is so popular.


Some cat litter deodorizers come in the form of granules, which are much larger particles than the powder. These granules are typically designed to draw the waste away from the litter. For the most part, granule-type litter box deodorizers are made from minerals and tend to be fragrance-free, though that’s not always the case.

Gel Beads

Gel beads are another form of litter deodorizer that isn’t sprinkled into the litter box but only a few of these large beads are to be dropped into the box at a time. They don’t create any dust but tend not to be as effective as the other varieties.


Litter deodorizers that come in the form of spray are much rarer, but they do exist.  They are typically made with fragrances that can be a bit overpowering at times. Most of these sprays are meant to be used all over the house to help mask odors. Be careful not to spray too much in the litter box, because this will only add more moisture.

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Knowing how to properly use cat litter deodorizers is important so that you can best control those nasty litter smells. There are several different types of litter deodorizers and there are some very effective products out there.

Featured Image Credit: jamesjoong, Shutterstock

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