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DIY Cat Fence Ideas You Can Build Today (With Instructions)

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Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Chelsie Frasier

If you are a cat owner who would love to let your cat enjoy the great outdoors but are concerned about the risks involved, there is a way to cat-proof your backyard and keep your cat contained by putting up a cat fence.

There are a few fencing options that you can set up yourself—some fences that are already existing in your yard and others to build completely from scratch! Here’s a DIY cat fence plan that you can put up over the weekend. Your cat will be frolicking around in the grass before you know it!

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DIY Cat Fence Plans (For Existing Backyard Fences)

If your backyard is already fenced, most of the work of building a cat fence is already done. If your fence is at least 5 feet tall, all you have to do is add to it to ensure that your cat can’t climb out.

1. Cat Rollers

DIY Roll Bar Fence
Image Credit: Your Sassy Self
Materials3-inch rollers, steel wire, L-brackets, anchor locks
ToolsTape measure, screwdriver or drill, wrench, hacksaw, bolt, or wire cutters

Cat rollers are essentially the same design as coyote rollers. They do a great job of keeping wildlife out of your yard and a great job at keeping your pets in. The rollers are placed along the top rail of your fence. If your cat decides to jump on it, the roller spins, essentially causing your cat to lose balance and fall off.

Rollers can be made from metal, PVC, or wood and can be purchased online. They’re relatively easy to attach and will prevent animals from coming in or getting out of your yard.

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The best way to keep your cats safe in your backyard depends on the type of outdoor space you have. However, there is no guarantee that cat fencing will keep your cat contained. Cats are expert climbers, jumpers, and diggers, so you’ll need to make sure your enclosure is extra-secure before letting your cat outside.

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