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6 Amazing DIY Cat Birthing Box Plans You Can Create at Home

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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6 Amazing DIY Cat Birthing Box Plans You Can Create at Home


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Preparing for the birth of your cats’ kittens can be both daunting and exciting, and being part of this sacred process is a blessing.

Your cat will need a safe, warm, and quiet place to birth her kittens. The environment can make a big difference in your cat’s birth experience, and as the caregiver, it’s up to you to provide this space for your kitty.

Birth is also a beautiful natural process and doesn’t need to be daunting. If you are concerned about finding the right birthing box for your full-term cat that’s ready to give birth, you will be happy and relieved to know that you can easily DIY a birthing box at home that is safe, comfortable, and perfect for your cat to welcome her new litter of kittens. Let’s have a look at some DIY plans you can create at home.

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The 6 Amazing DIY Cat Birthing Box Plans

1. Disposable Birth Box by all things dogs

Disposable Birth Box by all things dogs
Image Credit: all things dogs
Materials: Thick cardboard
Tools: Scissors, glue
Difficulty Level: Easy

This very simple birthing box is a great option if you need something urgently and don’t have much time. It is also cheap and disposable. It can easily be constructed at home, and since it’s disposable, the clean-up is pretty simple. If cardboard is not ideal for you, you can follow this same plan using plastic or wood.

2. Customized Plywood Birthing Box by mcemn

Customized Plywood Birthing Box by mcemn
Image Credit: mcemn
Materials: Plywood, natural and non-toxic varnish, non-toxic paint, corner braces, tee nut, button head socket cap screws
Tools: Screwdriver, table saw, drill press, wood bits,
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

This birthing box made from plywood is great for an experienced or novice woodworker looking to make the most epic birthing box for their kitty. The plan is created as a whelping box for dogs, but the size and plan can be adjusted to suit your feline. It is lightweight and easy to assemble, spacious, sturdy, and comfortable, and it can be disassembled for storage. It can be customized and decorated if you wish to make it more personal for your kitty. Please make sure you purchase non-toxic, natural varnish and non-toxic paint for this project.

3. Birthing Pool by Timberidge golden doodles

Birthing Pool by Timberidge golden doodles
Image Credit: Timberidge golden doodles
Materials: Plastic kids pool, zip ties, pool noodles
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

A birthing pool plan is so simple and effective and will provide a protected and cozy space for your cat to give birth. When looking for an ideal pool to create a birthing space with, make sure the size is suitable and use a round shape. The pool noodles will serve as a soft cushioned rail for a momma cat and her kittens, and the floor can be lined with blankets and training pads for extra softness and protection. You will need to make sure that your cat does not bite or scratch the soft foam. Luckily, most cats don’t.

4. DIY Cat Tent by instructables

DIY Cat Tent by instructables
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: Old T-shirt, wire hangers, cardboard, tape, safety pins,
Tools: Scissors, pliers
Difficulty Level: Easy

A cat tent is a cozy and safe place for your cat to birth her kittens, given that you can keep a good eye on them and reach your cat and see her during the birth. This cat tent is a simple plan that only requires an old shirt (the bigger, the better) and some wire. You can make the base extra comfy by using something softer or simply placing it on top of some towels or blankets. We would advise making the opening a little wider just to be sure that you can see and access your cat and her kittens.

5. DIY Cat Crate Birthing Box by hometalk

DIY Cat Crate Birthing Box by hometalk
Image Credit: hometalk
Materials: Crate, non-toxic paint
Tools: Screwdriver, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY birthing box bed is easy to construct and doesn’t cost a lot to make. All you need to do is find a crate; you can easily get one from your local retailer. You add some non-toxic paint and padding, remove some slats, and it’s as easy as that. This plan is for a simple cat bed, but you can use a larger crate or, even better, add two together for a more suitable birthing box. You won’t need to add the legs at the bottom either because you will want it to be sturdy and close to the ground.

6. Simple Cardboard Box Birthing Box

Materials: Cardboard box
Tools: Scissors, glue, tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

Most people have a cardboard box lying around from an appliance purchase or a recent move, and that can now be used to easily create a birthing box for your kitty. It provides a dark, cozy, and warm space for your cat to safely give birth, and you can easily dispose of it once it has been used. You can decorate it with patterned gift wrapping for a more appealing birthing box.

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Preparing a Birthing Box

Your chosen birth box for your cat should be lined with newspaper or bed pads. Both are disposable and easy to clean up. Use towels or blankets underneath the pads to soften the floor for extra comfort.

Find a quiet and comfortable part of the house to place the birthing box, and then introduce your cat to it, so she is comfortable and familiar with the space, which will help her feel safer during delivery. You can allow her to sleep in the box and place her food and water close to it so she becomes familiar with it. Separate your cat from other cats in the house so that her birthing area is quiet. This will also allow you to keep track of how much water she is drinking and the food she is eating so you can watch her health closely.

Additional Items Needed for Birth

To be adequately prepared before your cat goes into labor, ensure you have these additional items: clean towels, bed pads, gauze pads, thermometer, surgical scissors, syringe, and, most importantly, a contact number for your veterinarian.

The bed pads will line and protect the blankets and should be replaced daily. Newspapers can work too. Towels will be used to clean up the newly born kittens and the thermometer will help you keep track of your cat’s temperature. Her temperature will drop during birthing. The syringe may be used to clean any fluids from the kitten’s mouth.

What to Do After Your Cat Gives Birth

Once all the kittens have been delivered, replace the newspaper or bed pads with new ones. Make sure the box is at a comfortable temperature. Adding heating pads or hot water bottles next to or at the bottom of the box can work well. However, you should make sure they are covered with towels or blankets and at a safe temperature to avoid burn injuries for the queen and newborn kittens.

To keep an eye on their health, closely monitor them, especially during the first few days. Don’t forget to make sure they stay warm. Keep an eye on how and how much they are nursing to ensure they get the nutrition they need.

Please consult your vet and do some research before the birth so you know what to expect and when it’s time to call for help. When in doubt, always give your vet a call.

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Final Thoughts

Building a birthing box for your kitty is a great way to get involved and feel at ease that you and your cat are ready for the birth of her kittens. Whether it’s disposable, cardboard, fabric, or wood, there is always a chance your cat will decide not to use it. That’s okay! All that matters is that she is safe, comfortable, and warm. The process of creating the birthing box will be fun, and some plans can be used again for another expecting mother.

Featured Image Credit: Alexas_fotos, Pixabay

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