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38 Christmas Cat Memes – Cute & Hilarious Holiday Felines

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Christmas tree cat

38 Christmas Cat Memes – Cute & Hilarious Holiday Felines

Is there anything better than cats and Christmas? Cats are notorious for having a ball during the holidays as they go around attacking the Christmas tree, murdering ornaments, and generally just being a chaotic force of nature. And as annoying as it can be to try to save the tree from the cat for the thousandth time, cats plus Christmas equals a ton of fun Christmas cat memes!

We’ve gathered our favorite ones (and yes, several do have to do with Christmas trees) for your entertainment. Check them out below!

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Top 38 Christmas Cat Memes

1. Dress Your Cat in Gay Apparel

Or rather don’t, if this cat’s face is anything to go by! We may enjoy dressing our kitties in adorable Christmas sweaters and more during the holiday season, but it’s probably safe to say they don’t find it as amusing as we do.

2. This Is Not Serotonin!

It’s never fun when all you’re looking for is a nice serotonin boost and you get the complete opposite instead. Santa may bring happiness to children everywhere, but not to this cat!

3. The Purrfect Family Photo

Trying to wrangle the kids for a holiday family photo can be challenging enough, but adding pets into the mix is ten times harder. But when you can manage to get everyone in the photo, it brings a lot of joy, just like this purrfect family photo!

4. Tree Protection

Cat parents know how difficult it is to protect the Christmas tree from their favorite feline. At some point, some just give up on having a tree altogether. This person went a different route and opted for elaborate tree protection. Not a bad idea!

5. First Christmas Tree

The look on this kitty’s face as they witness their very first Christmas tree is delightful. You can almost see them developing a plan for destruction!

6. 12 Hours

Honestly, we feel like 12 hours is a lifetime for a Christmas tree to last against a feline! Still, it’s always sad when the tree finally goes down in defeat.

7. Christmas Tree Destruction Training

The idea of cats attending classes on Christmas tree destruction is hysterical (but we’re pretty sure they simply come by it naturally!). The serious look on this kitty’s face is everything, though!

8. Santa’s Village

What’s left for a cat to do once the Christmas tree has gone down in a blaze of glory? Destroy the next best thing, of course—in this case, Santa’s village. Just the thought of all that crashing to the ground makes us cringe!

9. Not This Year

There are other ways to save your Christmas tree than locking it up. This person’s ingenious solution is to hang theirs off the ceiling and far out of reach of the kitty! Not this year, cat!

10. Reindeer Kitty

Aw, this adorable kitty just wanted to realize their lifelong dream of being a reindeer! Alas, Santa has enough of those already (but maybe he can make room for just one more!).

11. Holiday Pounds

Christmas time equals tons of food, particularly sweets, so it’s no wonder people tend to put on a couple of pounds over the holidays. Looks like this kitty indulged just a little too much!

12. Soon to Destroy

It’s always adorable when cats gaze up at the Christmas tree in wonder. Unfortunately, the majority of the time, they’re plotting the best ways to destroy it while they do so, much like this cute feline!

13. I’m the Star

Cats love high places, so no one should be surprised to look up and find theirs on top of the Christmas tree. In this case, the kitty wanted to be the star (on the tree and the holidays)!

14. Long Story

Sometimes, your favorite feline doesn’t quite make it to the top of the tree, though, like this poor kitty who got a little stuck. Don’t question your cat; just pull them out so they can attempt the climb all over again.

15. The Thing You Swore to Destroy

This meme makes us laugh out loud. Everything about it is perfect from the look on the cat’s face to how they’re dressed up. This one is a 10 out of 10!

16. December Me

Life is exhausting and the holidays more so. But even if you’re tired, you can still add a little Christmas cheer to your surroundings like this feline.

17. Tis the Season

‘Tis the season indeed—for tree destruction, cats stuck in trees and more! We think this furry decoration is the best one on the tree!

18. Every Year It’s the Same

Ever wondered just why felines love to knock over Christmas trees? This adorable kitty has the answer. And cute as he may be in his outfit, who can blame him for the outcome? Just look at that face!

19. Simba Claus

Uh-oh, looks like it isn’t Santa Claus in the house this year, but Simba Claus! This kitty is here to destroy all your toys, and he’s charming enough to get away with it. Simba Claus can absolutely stop by our place this holiday season!

20. Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is another meme we absolutely aww-ed over! The look on this cat’s face as he remembers what a Christmas tree is, is truly delightful to behold. That is one wowed kitty!

21. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is grumpy, and this time, they’re gonna take it out on Santa Claus. This is the perfect meme for a grump-faced feline, and the punchline is truly unexpected. Watch out, Santa!

22. The Only Gift You Need

There’s no doubt felines sometimes think they’re the center of the universe (and really, are they incorrect?). The cat in this meme certainly seems to think they are, as they’ve decided they’re the only gift their owner needs!

23. Tree in the Way

Look, it’s not your cat’s fault the Christmas tree got destroyed. You’re the one who put it in the way! This is the purrfect excuse for a kitty who’s up to no good with the Christmas tree.

24. No Christmas Lights

Imagine this—you’ve convinced your cat to stop eating the Christmas tree long enough to get a picture of them with it. Your pet is finally calm and posed, and you, at long last, get that picture…only to discover upon review that you forgot to turn the on lights on the tree! Now, to begin the process all over again.

25. More Grumpy Cat

Another grump-faced feline is here to spread the holiday cheer (or something like that). This time, your favorite grumpy kitty is making things quiet and peaceful on Christmas Eve by ensuring not a creature in the house is stirring.

26. Cat Toy

This meme sums up cats and Christmas perfectly. Because, of course, your beautifully decorated Christmas tree is nothing more than a gigantic, favored cat toy!

27. O Christmas Tree

The feline featured in this meme has a hilarious face, which makes the entire meme that much better. But the kitty has a point—those lovely ornaments are definitely history. Maybe go with plastic ornaments next time.

28. You Shouldn’t Have

Honestly, your Christmas tree is nothing more than a brand-new scratching post for your favorite cat. But don’t believe your pet when they say you shouldn’t have, because they’re absolutely thrilled!

29. Ornament POV

This hilarious meme follows up on the O Christmas Tree one. That meme showed a kitty promising to destroy ornaments, and this meme shows the ornament’s point of view of that destruction. The last thing an ornament sees, indeed.

30. Just One Good Pic

No matter who you’re trying to get together for a holiday photo—people or pets—taking the perfect picture is a struggle. People move when they shouldn’t or make funny faces, and the entire process can be a bit soul-sucking. At least with this photo, you’re getting an absolutely adorable trio!

31. That Time of Year

Does a more perfect Christmas cat meme exist? Concise, to the point, and entirely hilarious, this meme is amazing!

32. Already?

We all know at least one person (or you are that person) who gets a head start on the Christmas decorations. They might start decorating the day after Thanksgiving or even earlier. And for some of us, our reaction is the same as this feline’s.

33. Kitty Has a Gift for You

Because what else would your cat get you for Christmas besides themselves or something left in the litter box? And unfortunately, those litter box gifts are an everyday occurrence!

34. I Am the Christmas Tree

Forget getting an actual Christmas tree for your pet this year. Instead, go this route and turn your favorite feline into the tree. Because this is, by far, the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!

35. Elf on the Shelf

Whether you love it or hate it, many households have an Elf on the Shelf, and for some, finding out the cat had gotten rid of the elf wouldn’t be much of a hardship. Plus, look how adorable this mugshot is!

36. Wasn’t Me

Hmmm, we feel as if someone isn’t being entirely honest here…It’s always fun to watch our cats try to pull one over on us by putting on the most innocent of faces after they’ve wreaked havoc.

37. Jeeves

Doesn’t the fancy kitty deserve to bat around the ornaments? We think he does! Look how handsome this cat is, after all.

38. No

One more grumpy cat for the road! This feline definitely seems to be lacking in holiday spirit, but we’re sure he’ll find some soon.

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Cats and Christmas make a fun, chaotic duo, so why not celebrate the holiday season with some great Christmas cat memes? There are lots out there (this is only a handful!), so you should be able to find a Christmas cat meme for your every need. Whether you want to bond with other cat parents over the inevitable destruction of the Christmas tree or are feeling a bit like a grumpy cat, these Christmas cat memes will make you laugh and enhance the joy of the holidays!

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