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Can Cats Eat Green Beans (Raw, Cooked, Canned)? Is It Good for Them?

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Can Cats Eat Green Beans (Raw, Cooked, Canned)? Is It Good for Them?


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Being a cat owner comes with a unique set of challenges. Not only are cats a bit high-strung at times, but their diets are also different from those of dogs. Cats have one basic need when it comes to their food: meat. That doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy or reap a few benefits from other foods. One of the most popular foods out there that cat parents enjoy giving their kitties is green beans. The big question is, can cats eat green beans? Are they good for them?

The overall answer to that question is a resounding yes. Green beans are a great addition to your cat’s diet, however, canned green beans should most likely be avoided. Let’s learn more about your cat’s dietary needs and how green beans can play a part. Then you can safely decide whether you want to cook you and your cat a serving of this tasty veggie.

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Cats & Food

Beautiful feline cat eating on a metal bowl
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Anyone who owns a cat understands the frustration that is associated with feeding a kitty. They are extremely picky, do not understand the meaning of a half-empty food bowl, and want to eat at the oddest hours of the night. Beyond having to try five different types of cat food to make your kitty happy, there are also their dietary needs to consider.

Cats are obligate carnivores. When you see the word carnivore, you know that means cats eat meat. However, being an obligate carnivore means your cat needs meat to survive and be healthy. Their bodies simply do not make all the vitamins and minerals they need, so they take them from the flesh they devour. Many of your cat’s dietary needs simply aren’t found in fruits and vegetables.


Cats & Green Beans

Now, being an obligate carnivore doesn’t mean your cat can’t enjoy green beans or other beneficial vegetables. It simply means they can’t survive only on those types of foods. Cats aren’t vegetarians. When it comes to green beans, this veggie is a great way to offer your cat something different while giving them a bit of nutritional value at the same time. It’s also possible that your cat may simply like the taste of green beans or the crunch raw ones provided. Or not!

Let’s take a look at a few benefits of allowing your cat to enjoy green beans now and then.


Green beans are a great source of soluble fiber. They help improve digestion and keep things moving easily. If your cat is constipated, a few green beans can help ease its discomfort. They can also be used when stools are too loose to help bind them back into a more solid form.

Urinary Tract

Unfortunately, many cats are prone to urinary tract infections. The vegetable-based proteins found in green beans can help with this issue. It helps balance out all the protein your cat needs to eat. Balancing the acidity level in your cat’s urine can decrease or prevent calcium growth in the urinary tract.

Weight Loss

Many of the cat foods out there are full of carbs and calories your cat simply doesn’t need. Too much of these can cause your cat to become overweight. Green beans are a low-calorie food that is high in fiber. This means it can help satiate your cat and make them feel full. Using green beans in treats or foods for your cat can help reduce their weight without making your cat feel like it isn’t being fed enough.


Are All Green Beans Good for My Cat?

green beans
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If you want to incorporate a few green beans into your cat’s diet, fresh or frozen green beans are always the best choice. You can simply cook them how you normally would offer up some to your cat and see if they enjoy it. If you like making treats for your cat in the kitchen, adding a few green beans to the recipe is a great idea. You can even avoid cooking them all together if your cat goes for it, and let your cat munch on crunchy, raw green beans.

Canned green beans are where the issue comes in. Many canned green bean varieties have lots of added salt in them. Cats don’t need extra salt in their diets. Some other seasonings and additions should be kept away from any green beans you prepare for your cat as well. Onions, butter, and garlic should not be used when making green beans for your cat. Instead, it’s best to stick with plain green beans for the kitty.


Do Cats Like Green Beans?

Whether a cat will enjoy green beans is entirely up to the cat. You may have a very particular cat who simply won’t give green beans a try. Then again, you could have a cat that’s willing to try anything once. Either way, offering your cat a serving of green beans is the only way you can determine whether they will like them. If you steer clear of the additional seasonings and feed them to your kitty plain, you may discover something new for your cat as a healthy treat now and then.


How Often Can I Feed My Cat Green Beans?

siamese kitten eating from a stainless bowl
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While green beans aren’t harmful to cats, they aren’t intended as a staple of their diet. When introducing green beans to your cat, take it slow. Cats with sensitive tummies may have issues with this new part of their diet. You should also avoid giving your cat too many green beans. For an adult cat, 4 or 5 chopped green beans, roughly ½ a cup, is plenty. This amount should be safe for daily consumption but isn’t needed daily. Instead, try offering the green beans as a now-and-then treat for your kitty if they enjoy them.

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If your cat is a fan of trying the foods you eat, green beans are one that you can safely share. Cats can be picky eaters. Your cat may fall in love with these tasty veggies, or they could turn tail and walk away, never to try the wholesome goodness. While most green beans are safe for your cat to eat, canned green beans and additional seasonings like salt should be avoided. Keep this in mind, and you should be able to share your green beans with your cat without issue.

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