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50 Black Cat Memes – Silly & Adorable Felines

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

black cat memes

50 Black Cat Memes – Silly & Adorable Felines

Some people might think that black cats are bad luck, but people who love black cats know better. These fun and interesting cats never cease to amaze us with their beauty and silliness. To celebrate the black cat, let’s look at some of our favorite black cat memes!

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The 50 Devilishly Funny Black Cat Memes

1. The Mirror

That cat on the outside doesn’t look too pleased about its reflection!

2. Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will love this one.

3. Pale Horse Rider

This is not exactly how we pictured death either!

4. Black Cats

We all know black cats aren’t bad luck.

5. We’ve All Been There

This cat is all of us on Monday mornings.

6.  Special Delivery

This guard cat was doing their job.

7. Vampires

We’ve all been there, Dracula.

8. A Group Picture

Ok, ok, maybe some of them are evil.

9. Cake

Birthday cake is irresistible to everyone.

10. Scorpios

If you’re into astrology, you’ll get a giggle out of this one.

11. Oh Christmas Tree

This cat seems to have failed at knocking the tree down.

12. What Do They Do All Night?

We’re feeling a little suspicious of our cat’s late-night activities.

13. Silly

Most black cats are more silly than scary.

14. Weekends

Weekends are for resting.

15. Cat House

No need to brag when you can build a black cat house.

16. Staring At the Wall

It’s really a mystery figuring out what they’re looking at.

17. Take the Cat for a Walk

Even the Huns weren’t exempt from being owned by cats.

18. Yeehaw

Poor little partner!

19. Cat Blobs

They are very hard to see in a dark room.

20. Goths

Which goth cat are you?

21. Nice Animals

All kitties deserve love!

22. She’s a 10 but…

Is she still a 10?

23. Starving

Poor, starving kitty.

24. Ugh

It’s annoying, right?

25. Don’t Try at Home

Don’t follow this cat’s lead!

26. Letters

We love grammatically correct cats.

27. Grumpy

Sometimes, it’s hard to socialize.

28. Smile

It’s such a nice smile, though!

29. The Red Dot

Your boss needs you to stick around to help with a big project.

30. Love Will Rule the World

At least, we sure hope so!

31. Bite Them

Some black cats are extra sassy.

32. Exorcism

Call a priest!

33. Who Wore It Better?

Was it Kim or Kevin?

34. Sins

Black cats can be a little chaotic.

35. Missed Appointment

Such an important appointment! How could they have missed it?

36. Judgment

We’re feeling very judged…

37. The Fighters

Who would you choose? We pick the cat-goose combo.

38. Death Metal

It’s ok, we don’t know the words either.

39. Kibble Chalice

Black cats were just as naughty in the Middle Ages.

40. Now I’m Upset

Cats get upset about the silliest things.

41. Spending Money

Who spent my paycheck on candy and new clothes?

42. The Crow

Can you see both animals?

43. You Won’t Win

You’ll never win a negotiation with such a skilled negotiator.

44. Pancakes

Is it just us, or does this meme give off a “Hello, Clarice” vibe?

45. Security Dog


46. Marvel Comics

Hulk sees things very differently.

47. This Is Fine

This seems a little different than the original…

48. The Cat Scale

Probably a three.

49. Not the Carpet!

Why do they do that?

50. Stay Cool

We only dream of being at this level of calm.

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Did you like these black cat memes? They all gave us a good laugh! There’s something special about black cats and their silly, demanding personalities that make them irresistible. Don’t let anyone tell you that black cats aren’t the best!

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