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6 Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery Services in Canada in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Chantelle Fowler

Last Updated on March 29, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

cat eating boiled eggs

6 Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery Services in Canada in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat eating boiled eggs

Subscribing to a cat food delivery service is a fantastic idea for the modern pet parent. We’re so busy that sometimes finding the time or energy to go to the store for pet food can seem like the most inconvenient chore.

There are a lot of fresh cat food delivery services out there, but so few of them will ship to Canada. If you’re looking for the healthiest and freshest food for your kitty, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find our reviews of the best cat food delivery services that ship to Canada.

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A Quick Look at Our Winners (2024)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Open Farm Pet Open Farm Pet
  • Canadian-based company
  • Many different foods to choose from
  • High-quality protein
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    TLC Pet Food TLC Pet Food
  • Highly concentrated meat proteins
  • Can choose shipping frequency
  • Great for cats of all ages
  • Third place
    Tom & Sawyer Fresh Pet Meals Tom & Sawyer Fresh Pet Meals
  • Canada-based company
  • Set-it-and-forget subscription service
  • Great for pets with health concerns
  • Mrs. Meady’s Raw Food for Cats & Dogs Mrs. Meady’s Raw Food for Cats & Dogs
  • Made in Canada
  • Great for raw diet followers
  • No additives
  • Kafka’s Organic Food for Pets Kafka’s Organic Food for Pets
  • British Columbia sourced meat & fish
  • Food can be bought a la carte
  • No harmful additives
  • The 7 Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery in Canada

    1. Open Farm Pet – Best Overall

    Open Farm logo

    *Use code EXCITEDCATS20 and save on your first auto-ship order.

    Food Type Wet & dry
    Price From $9.99
    Free Shipping Over $50

    Open Farm Pet is a Canadian-based company providing the best fresh cat food delivery in Canada. They have plans for both cats and dogs, so it’s a perfect service for multi-species households. You can start with a quiz that takes your cat’s age, weight, and activity level into account. You’ll also be asked questions about your goals for your cat. Are you looking to provide digestive support, allergy solutions, joint and mobility support, promote skin health, or support your kitty’s immune system? You can check as many health goals as you like. The quiz will ask you about the protein flavors your cat loves and what type of food he’s currently eating (dry, wet, or homemade). You’ll also be able to disclose any allergies he might have. Once you’ve completed the quiz, it will provide you with a customizable diet plan based on your answers.

    Open Farm Pet has wet and dry food options as well as broths and supplements. All their recipes are made with real meat, and every ingredient is ethically sourced. Some products even have several sources of protein in one recipe. Their bone broth comes in turkey, beef, or chicken flavors and works great as a wet kibble topper.

    Open Farm also sells goat milk supplements you can offer your kitty. Their supplements are designed to support digestion, provide antioxidants, promote relaxation, and support the immune system.

    • Canadian-based company
    • Many different foods to choose from
    • Acts as a one-stop-shop for your pet food and supplements
    • High-quality protein
    • No artificial flavoring or coloring
    • Subscription plan can be expensive

    2. TLC Pet Food – Budget Buy

    TLC pet food logo

    Food Type Dry
    Price $59.95
    Free Shipping Yes

    TLC Pet Food provides the best fresh cat food delivery in Canada for the money. They’ve been in the pet food business since 1994 and have been providing well-balanced formulas made with the highest-quality ingredients ever since. Like Open Farm Pet, TLC Pet Food also manufactures dog food, so they’re a great pick for families with cats and dogs.

    Every ingredient in every recipe has been chosen specifically for its nutritional benefits. The first ingredient in all of this company’s food is high-quality meat to mirror your cat’s ancestral diet. The remaining ingredients are all farm-fresh, chosen from responsible farmers and suppliers. Their recipes have been designed to meet the AAFCO’s nutrient profiles for growth and maintenance and can be served to cats of all breeds and sizes.

    TLC Pet Foods’ cat formula is meat-focused and has been formulated to support all life stages, including kittenhood and adulthood.

    The recipe features cranberries as an ingredient that can help lower the pH of your cat’s urine to reduce incidences of UTIs. It also has pea fiber included which can help prevent the formation of hairballs and aid digestive health.

    • Highly concentrated meat proteins
    • Can choose the shipping frequency
    • Great for cats of all ages
    • Promotes digestive health
    • Only one type and flavor of food available

    3. Tom & Sawyer Fresh Pet Meals

    Tom & Sawyer

    Food Type Lightly cooked meals
    Price $159 every 8 weeks
    Free Shipping Not for every province

    For cat owners with a big budget for pet food, Tom & Sawyer Pet Meals seems to be the clear winner. While their food is expensive, it’s also very high-quality, so you can rest assured you’re getting a lot of value for your investment.

    You’ll start your Tom & Sawyer subscription by taking a brief quiz about your cat. The quiz is similar to Open Farm Pets’. It’ll ask general questions about your cat, such as their age, weight, and breed. It asks if your kitty is underweight, overweight, or at an ideal weight. Is your kitty an indoor cat or do they have any health conditions like allergies, a sensitive tummy, or arthritis?

    With this subscription service, you can choose how many meals you’d like and how often you want to receive them. You’ll receive 20% off of your first order and 5% on all subsequent orders when you subscribe to auto-ship.

    Tom & Sawyer’s food is rich in antioxidants and gluten- and grain-free. They have three recipes for cats: beef-based, chicken-based, and tuna-based. They all feature a protein source as the first ingredient and are formulated with other ingredients like cranberries, carrots, and sweet potatoes to encourage optimal health.

    You can also add beef or chicken bone broth to your order for $11.99. The broth is full of collagens that can support your pet’s joint health, which is perfect if your cat is in their golden years.

    Tom & Sawyer also offer treats and “liver dust” which can be a great food topper for picky kitties.

    • Canada-based company
    • Set-it-and-forget subscription service
    • Complimentary items to add to order (broth, treats)
    • Great for pets with health concerns
    • Expensive
    • Doesn’t ship for free to every province

    4. Mrs. Meady’s Raw Food for Cats & Dogs

    mrs. meadys pet food

    Food Type Raw
    Price From $19.95
    Free Shipping No

    Mrs. Meady’s Raw Food manufactures high-quality raw food for your cat. They also make raw dog food, which is perfect if you have a multi-species home. They have nine different raw food recipes to choose from, including flavors such as Yukon Elk, Salmon’ n Liver, Chicken & Rabbit, and Chicken’ n Liver. Other meats you’ll find in their recipes include bison, veal, and beef. Their products are formulated to provide a balanced diet while also hydrating your kitty to prevent gastrointestinal and urinary issues.

    Mrs. Meady’s also offers a seal oil blend that’s 100% Canadian. This is a great supplement for both cats and dogs that can boost skin and coat health, heart endurance, and the immune system.

    For Ontario and Quebec cat owners, Mrs. Meady’s is a great raw food delivery service. Unfortunately, they do not ship outside of these provinces.

    • Many different proteins to choose from
    • Made in Canada
    • Great for raw diet followers
    • No additives
    • Only available for shipping to Ontario and Quebec

    5. Kafka’s Organic Food for Pets

    Kafka’s Organic Food for Pets

    Food Type Fresh
    Price $12.99
    Free Shipping No

    Kafka’s Organic Food for Pets creates additive- and preservative-free food made with real and clean ingredients. Their small-batch natural food is made with whole ingredients that are specifically chosen to support the nutritional needs of your cat. Their recipes are generally safe for pets with sensitive tummies as they’re highly digestible and gently cooked to remove most bacteria. The formulas contain the essential amino acid taurine which your cat needs for their heart muscle function and vision health.

    There are five fresh cat food flavors to choose from: ocean fish, turkey, lamb, pumpkin (with beef), and one called Merry Meow which seems to be seasonal. You can also purchase a sampler set for $14.99 with three of Kafka’s most popular flavors. This will give you and your cat a chance to see if they like this food before you commit to a delivery plan.

    You can choose your food a la carte or take a quiz to see what the website recommends. The quiz will prompt you to choose how often you’ll be feeding your pet Kafka’s Organic. Will you be using it as a food topper, a meal mixer, or as a full meal? Your answer will determine how much food you’ll need to order. The company also makes a savory beef broth that you can add to any order to use as a tasty topper.

    If you live in Vancouver, you do have the option of choosing pick-up at checkout so you don’t have to pay the shipping price.

    • British Columbia sourced meat & fish
    • Free pick-up is an option for Vancouver residents
    • Food can be bought a la carte
    • No harmful additives
    • Website has a calorie calculator
    • Only delivers to Metro Vancouver

    6. True Carnivores Raw Food for Cats & Dogs

    true carnivores pet food

    Food Type Raw
    Price From $1.95
    Free Shipping Over $75

    True Carnivores Raw Food for Cats & Dogs is a little bit different as it is not a company that manufactures its own food. Instead, they act as a storefront that provides many different types of raw food from a wide variety of brands. They source their food from popular brands like Raised Right, Primal, and Big Country Raw.

    We loved their website because its search function is so specific. If you know your cat loves certain types of protein, you can filter your results by that particular meat. They also have exotic meat options like camel, goat, and kangaroo if your cat is into that. You can also filter your results by the health condition your cat has, such as anxiety, hairballs, or diabetes.

    True Carnivores is the go-to website for cat parents looking to make the switch to raw.

    • Huge amount of food options
    • Great source for supplements
    • Cat litter and supplies are also available
    • Only delivers to some areas in the Lower Mainland
    • No auto-ship option

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery in Canada

    Now that you’re aware of some of the best cat food delivery services in Canada, you need to decide which will be the best for your cat. We’re going to take a look at some of the factors you should consider before deciding which delivery service and diet will work best for you.

    Food Type

    Perhaps the biggest determinant will be the type of food you’ll be feeding your cat. Is he currently on a wet or dry food diet only? Do you want to keep him on that style of food? If so, Open Farm Pet or TLC Pet will be the best two options for you.

    Is your kitty currently eating a fresh food diet, or do you want to try this diet style? You might consider Tom & Sawyer or Kafka’s Organics.

    If you’re currently feeding your cat a raw food diet or are considering making the switch, True Carnivores or Mrs. Meady’s will be your best bet.

    Remember, though, if you are switching your cat from his current diet to something completely different, you’ll need to take some time to do the transition correctly. Changing his diet too quickly can lead to severe gastrointestinal upset.

    American shorthair cat eating at home
    Image by: Apicha Bas, Shutterstock


    Your budget for cat food will also determine which delivery service you’ll ultimately settle on. Folks with smaller budgets might not be able to afford a premium service like Tom & Sawyer. However, if you choose to use the delivery food as a meal topper versus a full meal, your dollar will be able to stretch much further.


    Unfortunately, not all of the delivery services in our guide ship to every province. This might make the decision-making process a little easier for you as you’ll have fewer companies to choose from.

    If you’re outside of the Metro Vancouver area, you will not be able to order from Kafka’s Organics or True Carnivores. If you’re not in Ontario or Quebec, you cannot order from Mrs. Meady’s.

    You will also want to look at the company’s shipping fees. Is it free, or do you have to pay an exorbitant amount to have your pet’s food shipped to you? Do you have the budget to cover shipping if it’s not free?

    Why Should I Subscribe to a Pet Food Delivery Service?

    In one word: convenience.

    Subscribing to a cat food delivery service ensures you will never run out of food. With auto-ship, you’ll receive your cat’s food at a predictable time every few weeks or every month, depending on how often you’ve chosen to receive a delivery.

    Pet food delivery also gives you back the time you would usually spend going to the pet store in person and buying their food.

    Also, the delivery services we reviewed above all manufacture high-quality food. Many commercial pet foods you’ll find in stores are chock full of unhealthy ingredients and fillers. When you purchase directly from an independent company, you’re given the chance to review their manufacturing processes and ingredients. You can also contact the company directly if you have any questions.

    feeding cats
    Image by: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

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    For the best overall fresh cat food delivery in Canada, we recommend Open Farm Pet for its wide variety of food and customizable meal plans. For the budget buy, TLC Pet Foods’ affordable price point and high-quality protein-fueled recipes can’t be beaten.

    We hope our reviews of the best fresh cat food delivery options in Canada have made the decision-making process easier for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the companies to inquire if you have any questions at all about their food, the manufacturing process, and their subscription options.

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