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12 Easy DIY Cat Collars You Can Make Today

Written by: Luxifa Le

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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12 Easy DIY Cat Collars You Can Make Today

Collars are a great way to help your cat get to the cutting edge of fashion, but the high cost of some of the cutest collars leaves many cat parents wondering how they can make their own. Here are some easy DIY collars that you can make for your cat today!

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Things to Consider

Collar Type

DIY cat collars come in different types. Choosing a collar that suits your skill level and applied knowledge of crafting is essential.

The no-sew collars are the easiest since they don’t require any sewing knowledge. There are also intermediate-level collars that will require you to apply some sewing knowledge when crafting them; while a sewing machine won’t be necessary, a sewing kit will be. The more advanced collars require extensive crafting expertise and supplies.

Breakaway Buckles

If you’re crafting your own cat collar, it’s a good idea to invest in breakaway buckles and learn how to attach them to the collar.

Breakaway buckles ensure your cat’s safety by allowing the collar buckle to break open if pressure is applied to it. That way, if your cat gets the collar caught on something, the collar will break away and free them instead of choking them.

Finding the right cat collar can be tricky with so many options on the market. Our favorite is the Hepper Breakaway Collar, a durable hemp collar with adjustable slip-locks, a reliable quick-release buckle, and an included jingle bell to keep your local wildlife safe. This collar is stylish and practical, perfect for any cat!

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At Catster, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

cat paw dividerThe 12 DIY Cat Collars:

1. Shirt Collar By Makeover Meow

Shirt Collar By Makeover Meow
Image Credit: Makeover Meow
Skill Level: Beginner
Materials: Collared Shirt
Tools: Scissors

This straightforward collar is excellent for pet parents who don’t need the accouterments with the standard cat collar. If your cat is looking for a fashionable collar, this is a perfect option since it requires an old shirt and some scissors.

Simply cut the collar off the shirt, including the button, and fasten the collar around your cat’s neck to achieve optimum fashion!

2. Belt Collar By chezlin

Skill Level: Beginner
Materials: Belt (Leather or pleather)
Tools: Leather hole punch

This is another simple collar that uses old clothing items you don’t need anymore.

For this collar, you’ll want to take a belt and shorten the strap to the appropriate size for your cat. Then take the leather hole punch and punch new holes in the belt so you can fasten it closed, and you’re good to go!

3. Friendship Bracelet Collar By Hands Occupied

Friendship Bracelet Collar By Hands Occupied 
Image Credit: Hands Occupied
Skill Level: Intermediate
Materials: Rope or String, Cat collar hardware
Tools: None

This is a great low-investment cat collar you can make for your cats. You can even create unique matching collars for you and your cats!

For this collar, you’ll need to know how to make knotted friendship bracelets. Whether you make them with string filament or use boating rope, you’ll be able to make a unique collar design that only your cat has!

You’ll need some collar hardware to put the collar securely, but safely, on your cat, but this collar requires no real tools, just the knowledge necessary to make a friendship bracelet!

4. DIY Cat Collar By Made on Maidstone

DIY Cat Collar By Made on Maidstone 
Image Credit: Made on Maidstone
Skill Level: Intermediate
Materials: Fabric, buckles, rings
Tools: Fusible bonding web, iron, needle-nose pliers, sewing kit, or machine

You’ll need to break out the sewing kit to complete this collar. It doesn’t require a sewing machine, but if you have one, you can get some extra sturdiness if you use it!

This is an excellent collar for pet parents who are handy and like to make customizable crafts. You can customize this DIY collar with different fabrics or even bedazzle the final collar!

5. DIY Cat Collar with Bow by Rachel Weiland

Skill Level: Intermediate
Materials: Fabric, buckles, rings
Tools: Glue, scissors, sewing kit

This collar also requires minimal sewing, though you will have to sew to bring the whole project together. This collar guide walks you through the process of making an adorable collar adorned with a bow tie.

This is an excellent collar for the fancy felines who need to show the world how truly posh they are. If you have a dignified cat and some sewing skills, this is an excellent option for you!

Particularly crafty pet parents can even attach standard breakaway buckles and D-rings to this collar if they choose!

6. Homemade Cat Collar By Third stop on the right

Homemade Cat Collar By Third stop on the right 
Image Credit: Third stop on the right
Skill Level: Advanced
Materials: 1/2 yard of cotton fabric, 1/2 yard of interfacing, coordinating thread, breakaway buckle
Tools: Sewing machine, iron

This collar requires some sewing know-how to complete, but it truly is the best of the best when it comes to homemade collars!

The collar requires you to sew the collar into the correct shape and properly apply interfacing to the collar to improve its stability and sturdiness.

You’ll need to sew the fabric into the correct shapes, but this collar is highly customizable and offers everything you would get from a store-bought collar!

7. Crochet Cat Collar by Laia Crochet

Skill Level: Advanced
Materials: Acrylic yarn, buttons
Tools: Crochet needles

You’ll need more than a little bit of skill when it comes to this crocheted cat collar. This collar is entirely crocheted, which means you’ll need to be able to crochet if you want to make this adorable collar.

This collar requires a starting base of acrylic yarn, buttons, and their pattern. Then you can turn those materials into an adorable neck cuff that’s as fluffy as your cat!

You could even attach standard D-rings and buckles onto this collar if you have the crocheting know-how. The possibilities are endless!

8. Cat Bandana Collar by Karma & Kismet

Skill Level Advanced
Materials Some Fabric
Tools Sewing Machine, Thread, Scissors, Cutting Board, Pins, Iron

Next is a project you can complete in one lazy afternoon. Although it requires advanced skills, even beginners who know how to use a sewing machine can attempt it. Karma & Kismet have provided a detailed and easy-to-follow “what to do” section to make your work a breeze. You can also click here for a step-by-step YouTube tutorial.

This free guide allows some adjustments to the dimensions of your cat bandana collar. This ensures you can make an incredibly unique piece for any feline breed.

9. DIY Pet Necktie by Skillfully Yours Maris

Skill Level Beginner
Materials Old Shirt and Velcro
Tools Scissors, Needle, and Thread

Cat neckties are trending, and we couldn’t help but list one more design. If you have a multi-pet household, you can DIY a cute piece for your cat and dog. For this project, you could use fabric from an old shirt you are willing to donate to your pet.

If you want a fun project for your kids, this may just be it. Check out this YouTube tutorial by Skillfully Yours Maris for details about the materials needed and the steps to take.

10. DIY Crochet Pet Cat Collar With Ribbon and Bell by DIYPurrPaw

Skill Level Advanced
Materials Cotton Yarn
Tools Crochet Hook 6/0 size, 3.5mm, Stitch Marker, Measurements Tape, Tapestry Needle

Are you a crocheting enthusiast at any level? If you are always looking for unique ways to put pieces of leftover cotton yarn to good use, this is the perfect project!

The main material you need is cotton yarn. You can save money by using all those yarn pieces that are too short for average crocheting projects. Don’t shy away from making the finished piece as colorful as possible. Here is an easy guide by DIYPurrPaw to help you make a gorgeous selection of fancy crocheted cat collars.

11. DIY Adjustable Pet Collar by She Sews

DIY cat collar
Image Credit: Bloglovin
Skill Level Intermediate
Materials Fabric, 1”D-Ring, 2” Hook, Velcro
Tools Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread

Kittens grow so fast. Before you know it, they turn into young adults and quickly add muscle mass. If you are looking to make a fancy DIY collar your kitty can use for years, consider spending one afternoon on this project by She Sews.

Do you have a thing for matching cat accessories? No problem. You don’t need new instructions to sew up a leash or even an adjustable headband for your feline buddy.

12. DIY Alternative to the Elizabethan Collar by Mowdish

DIY cat collar
Image Credit: Instructables
Skill Level Beginner
Materials Foam Pipe Insulation, Plastic Tape, Thick String
Tools Scissors

A DIY padded cat collar may not be the fanciest accessory that can hang on your cat’s neck.

However, it can be a vital piece, especially right after surgery. If you are looking to give your furry friend a more comfortable alternative to using a plastic cone, here is an easy guide to help you craft a padded collar.

For this project, the comfort and safety of your kitty are a top priority. Make sure the collar is loose enough to feel cozy against your cat’s fur without coming off. Most importantly, ensure the finished piece does its job of stopping your cat from hurting itself.

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Final Thoughts

Crafting your own cat collar is a great way to increase the customizability and uniqueness of your cat’s accessories. It’s a fantastic way to show your bond with your cat to the world through their custom collar made with the love of their owner.

No matter which DIY cat collar you choose, your cat will thank you for thinking of them and keeping them in your heart!

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