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Clutch and the Vacuum: A Love Story (With Video)

Written by: Dr. Karyn Kanowski BVSc MRCVS (Veterinarian)

Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Clutch with the vacuum

Clutch and the Vacuum: A Love Story (With Video)

Clutch is a 10-year-old rescued stray who came into my life almost 9 years ago, after he was found living in a supermarket car park. His confidence and laid back personality was unlike any cat I’ve ever known, and in a household of 5 cats and 5 dogs, he generally prefers company of the canine persuasion. Another quirk unique to Clutch is his love of being vacuumed.

Now, you might be wondering how this unusual love story came to be. It all came about one day when I was doing a spot of cleaning – a fairly common activity in a house with this many pets – and I noticed that Clutch was not at all phased as I was zooming around him with the hand-held vacuum cleaner. So obviously I thought to myself, I wonder what he’d do if I used it on him?

Initially, he just didn’t seem to care, which is how he approaches most things in life. You might be thinking that, being a white cat, Clutch is deaf. Not at all. He doesn’t have the blue eyed gene, and trust me, his hearing is spot-on. But I have yet to find anything that phases him; the strongest reaction you’ll ever get from this chilled out dude is mild irritation.

The next time I had my little hoover out, I thought I’d give him another go, and this time, he started to rub against it, rolling over, and really enjoying the whole experience! Since that day, any time I start using the hand-held vacuum, he comes running, demanding to have his turn! What better way to reduce the amount of pet hair around the house than to go straight to the source!

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Clutch’s Behaviors

Clutch’s unusual behaviors don’t stop there. Here are just a few of the weird and wonderful things that this adorable and affectionate little man does to brighten my world:

  • He will target anyone wearing black and select their lap to occupy
  • He finds the most uncomfortable looking locations to sleep on – eg. a decorative log, in the fruit bowl, on top of keys (which is terrific when you’re running late and can’t find them!)
  • If he ever manages to escape outside (he is an indoor kitty), he does so loudly, meowing for all to hear, making sure we all know he’s getting out!

And so many more.

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I have known and loved many, many cats over the years, but none have been quite as unique as Clutch, Lover of the Vacuum Cleaner. Now, if I could just teach him how to use it…

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