Cat-Friendly Practices Will No Longer Declaw


The American Association of Feline Practitioners ( updated its policy in January to end the elective declawing of cats at all veterinary hospitals designated as Cat Friendly Practices.

The AAFP has previously issued a position statement in 2017 that expressed the organization’s strong opposition to elective declawing.

The elective declaw ban is aligned with the Cat Friendly Practice designation, which demonstrates hospitals’ commitment to offering best practices in feline medicine and treating cats gently and with respect.

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11 thoughts on “Cat-Friendly Practices Will No Longer Declaw”

  1. I’m glad to learn what declawing entails since I didn’t’t previously know! I’m sad to see people attacking a human being in these comments for what they think is a bad choice. I think love for animals prompted any poor decisions to shame the woman who declawed her cat. Is it better to “declaw” people with shaming words for being “lazy” or to find loving ways to help them learn? I believe that positive reinforcement works in helping animals learn. How about positive reinforcement to teach people? I encourage all who have strong feelings against hurting animals to use those strong feelings to powerfully and lovingly teach and encourage loving behavior in people. Both in their words and by being an example of using loving behavior to correct or prevent future injustices.

    Maybe by writing something like: “If someone removed the tips of all your fingers for misbehavior, how would that affect your quality of life? Good decision or bad decision? I encourage you to keep seeking for good solutions rather than declawing if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. I think you love your cats. Will you please ask yourself if your love is big enough to change your lifestyle to accommodate a pet that seems unable to change?”

  2. Don’t! it means he sees you as his mother
    it is a sign of love. A carry over from when he was a kitten
    when he would knead against his own mother to get milk.
    Maybe put a blanket on your legs when he jumps up.

  3. Roxanna Nobriga

    I have a Question about cat kneeding. When I’m sitting in my chair and my cat comes and cuddles up on my lap I pet him off and on, but everytime I pet him he kneeds his claws into my legs just a little bit and like looks up at me with half closed eyes but he hurts me everytime so what can I do to work with him to make this stop?

  4. What a bunch of baloney….. We NEVER clip the nails of our cats, unless those nails grow circular (…). Most cats HATE getting their nails clipped and when the owner tries to FORCE them, they’ll see that as AGGRESSION – so it was YOU who constantly made your cat go hysterical ….
    And, the face shield probably freaked your cat out even more !
    Your cat did not need a declawing, she needed owners with a BETTER understanding of cats !

  5. You could have trained her or just Ivan her away. Either option is preferable to declawing. “We wanted to keep her”? How selfish and irresponsible. You knew what the procedure entailed.

  6. Barbara Korbler

    I am glad that voluntary declawing is banned. However, please remember that choosing to have a cat declawed is sometimes necessary. My husband and I adopted two young cats that were coming to our house. One of the two is and was a real sweetheart, except when it came to trying to clip her claws. She would scream, shriek, try to bite, writhe out of our hands and strike out. We tried ALL the recommended techniques, including all that were suggested by our vet. After she nearly scratched my husband’s eye – even though he was wearing a face shield – we all decided that it would be best to have her declawed. It wasn’t a decision made lightly. We knew that if we found another home for her that the new owners would have the same problem. So, it became a choice of having the cat euthanized or declawed. We chose declawing, because she was a very loving cat and we wanted to keep her.

  7. We too had our cats declawed in the past before we understood how the procedure is done and what it does to the cat. Now most vets around here refuse to do the surgery. We would never declaw a cat again as it’s just plain cruel. We feel bad we pur our cats through such terrible trauma.

  8. Good! We don’t remove their teeth cuz they chew or remove dogs claws. Plus ppl don’t half keep pets and they will dump them clawless and they can’t defend their self.

  9. Valerie L Harrell

    I had my cats declawed over 8 years ago, and at that time, I was unaware of what declawing entailed. Don’t call everybody who has had their cat declawed lazy and inconsiderate. Most were probably not aware of what actually happens. I just learned about about two years ago that it’s not the nail that is removed, but the whole joint below the nail bed. That’s probably what most people thought. Now that I have been educated on the subject, I will not have another cat declawed.

  10. How selfish of people to declaw their animals. Cats can be trained not to claw furniture just as much as dogs can be trained. I just believe that people are so lazy. And inconsiderate of their animals cats need claws for protection. And to get out of harms way up a tree or a fence. I live in Omaha Nebraska and I have a few vets that will declaw animals I hope they learn soon.

  11. This makes me so happy. My mom had it done to my baby Frankie when he was a kitten. After I saw what they did to cats getting declawed on a YouTube video I cried so much. It is horrible

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