The 12 Days of Catsmas Giveaway has come to a close, but we have lots of fun in store for you between now and New Years.

Here’s the final list of winners. One prize — Buckley’s Story — is still open for entries. I’ll be interviewing the author, Ingrid King, this week, and we’ll draw the winner at that time.

Here are the other 11 winners — concats to all, and thanks fur playing!

Day 1 – Cat Lover’s Daily Companion: Bondi
Day 2 – Calvin Collar “Knead On” Gift Set: Dixie
Day 3 – Homer’s Odyssey: Kismet Mancat
Day 4 – Pet Cam: Honey P Sunshine
Day 5 – 3 Mini Cat Prints: [Natacha – awaiting email confirmation]
Day 6 – Hazel Lucy Cat and Scarf: Hamlet
Day 7 – Fling-ama-String: Andre
Day 8 – Catnip Grab Bag: Awesome and LeeLoo
Day 9 – Premium Cat Food: Louis LeBeau
Day 10 – Custom Cat Portrait: Chirpee
Day 11 – Pet First Aid Kit + 111 Zealies: Ollie Popoki
Day 12 – Buckley’s Story (Entries still open: Winner to be announced this week with the author interview)