Meet My Official Designer, FURnando! Also, I Miss My Closet Sooo Much!


Welcome, everypawdy, to my column Dress fur Impress … and as I promised last week, we are officially back to normal! Yeiii!! Construction is over so I dont have to witness any more fashion disasters and buttcracks around the house ÔÇö ugghh, gross!

As you know, we have been living with my grandpawrents because our house is rented out, purrbably you think that is superlame that we are living here but in Mexico is not weird at all actually, my momma is kind of a weirdo fur live alone befure getting married anyways, I MISS MY CLOSET SO MUCH!

Yesterday I got more of my stuff but I dont have a proper closet here. IM DYING! Makes my styling much more difficult! Im sure Rachel Zoe wouldnt approve!

Befure we start with my week in pics, I want to share this SUPERMEGAULTRAPAWSOME photo of my Broadway LunAddicts Natalie Gallo, Kaleigh Cronin, and Ruby Lewis (in the photo) and Michael Dondaville II and his assistant Katie Ward, who are a SUPERFAB part of the Jersey Boys touring purrduction!!

Thanks a lot, guys, fur the photo!!!

Now let’s start with my week in pics!

Wednesday, February 1

On Wednesday I went with my momma to her office. Im not going every day yet, but I will, I think.

I took a picture with my official designer FURnando ÔÇö all my fans got crazy fur him! He is a sweetheart and very talented. I need to give him kudos fur handle a diva like me ÔÇö I can drive anyone crazy because Im a purrfectionist!

Also I went with my momma to her Zumba classes. I was very entertained there watching all the girls dance, I have to say that they are not even 1 percent as graceful as me but they sweat a lot, which I guess is the whole point here lol. Everypawdy loved me at the class, and I have purrmision to go every time I want!

Thursday, February 2

On Thursday once again I went to the office and opened a love box purrsent from Adrian Rowe and furchilds Cookie and Cleo who live in Indiana. Thanks a lot to Adrian fur knitting me this SUPERCUTE sweater!

OMG, Im sooo behind on my fanfurriends’ mail! I promise I will get back on track very soon, okay? Please dont be mad!

That day I wore a very cute dress that my furriend Rosalind give me and I wore the purrfect bow fur reals, who can rock a fish on the head better than me? Hello, NOBODY!

Furrday, February 3

On Furrday I didnt go out. I stayed with grandma, chilling.

I wore my Pac-Man shirt that my furriend and #1 admirer Seamus sent me, and a cute soft pink bow.

Caturday, February 4

Thanks God that on Caturday I went SHOPPING! Even when it wasnt fur me, was nice to go to stores and smell the sweet smell of NEW STUFFS!

We were looking fur hot red shoes, but we didnt find anything we really loved. Rule #1: Buy it ONLY if you really love it!

Sunday, February 5

I took a naked Sunday and I was nutty! Furgive me, God, fur not going to Mass, but you know I dont have any sins well, not BIG ONES anyways!

Monday, February 6

On Monday I got a very well-deserved bath, I really enjoy it fur reals!

Uggh, I was sooo dirty after all the construction.

Fur be honest I purrfer my spa day at Petsmart Petsmart, I hope you put a store in Nogales, AZ! I would totally drive three hours just to get my furdo done!

Tuesday, February 7

GASP AND DIE!! On Tutu Tuesday I wore a supercute outfit! Chic, sexy, and sparkly! I just love tutus!!

And that was it, guys!

Next week is Valentine’s Day and I’m very very VERY excited fur what I would get from my admirers and furriends too! Seamus already sent me his purrsent, I know! How thoughtful is that?

Anyways, if you want to send me a cyber Valentine photo I would like to make a video fur next week’s column! Yeii! You know already my e-mail, but in case you FURgot is!

Remember this month is the last one fur get my Calendar. I think it will make a SUPERPAWSOME Valentine’s purrsent to any furchild lover.

Please dont furget to check out my Catster purrfile!! Im also waiting fur you to join me at my Facebook fan page. Want to help me save Purrsians? Please visit my Purrsian Rescue page!

See you next week, guys, and remember: No matter what, ALWAYS dress fur impress!


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