My Dress Up Your Furchild Day Dress was Very Drag Queen Meets Vegas Showgirl Meets Broadway Actress


Happy FURday, guys!!! Welcome to another week of SUPERFASHION!

Last Caturday was National Dress Up Your Furchild Day, and I asked everypawdy to send me their best pictures to celebrate in style. Let me tell you that furchilds dont have to wear a gown fur look fashionable FUR REALS! We are naturally superFAB, so fur all the furchilds that are nudists by heart, you can be in touch with your inner fashionista playing with accessories; You can try ties, bandanas, bow ties, necklaces, etc.

The most imPURRtant thing is to be comFURtable in whatever you are wearing. If you feel good, you look good; otherwise you look like a woman wearing a too-tight full-body Spanx not be able to move is not cute at all. Here is me wearing only accessories and looking SUPER MEGA ULTRA HOT!

In another unrelated topic, grandma started some construction work and even when Im pretty fearless, we took some precautions fur my safety and comFURt. I have been hanging out in the living room during the day, I have my kitty box, bed, food, and water there and music on! I like my music during construction time ÔÇö it buffers the demo noises! Many furchilds get lost during construction time; all purrents need to be extra-careful during those days, it can be very stressful fur reals. I have been watching the construction guys and Im very confused, because they dont look like the ones I see on HGTV! lol

Let’s start with my week in pics!

Wednesday, January 11

On Wednesday I got a bath finally!

I was such a good sport, fur details take a look at my Lunatoon. I didnt complain at all! And that day I just wore a huge flower and a bow and I got a visit from two child purrsons fans!

Meet Kida, who is my cousin from Ensenada, Baja CaliFURnia.

And here’s Joanna, who lives in Douglas, Arizona!

Thursday, January 12

On Thursday I wore a Juicy Couture blouse, demi miniskirt, and multicolor polka dot bow. I also open my lovebox mail.

O-M-G guys I got a card from BRAZIL from Melissa Toledo and furchild Flyer! It’s soooo megacool, Im soo international! Muito obrigado, Mel! Beijos para o Brasil!

Also my fanfurriend Theresa Hartley sent me a beautiful card all the way from Kentucky!

P.S.: I am also helping my momma on her New Year’s resolution ÔÇö take a look at this Lunatoon!

Friday, January 13

On Furrday I wore a Jeremy Scott-inspired outfit, Im crazy fur his Candy Flip Collection!!

I also opened more love box cards. Im very lucky to keep opening Holiday cards! My fanfurriends Stacey (momma) and furchilds Kalila, Cody, and Jay sent me a card and Kalila sent me her photo, she said that want to be a purrfessional model like me! Work it, girl! You look fierce in your Santa outfit!

Alsoooo the guys at Catster sent me a supercool card. They say its vintage. I just love all the details, very PAWsome!

Thanks a lot, everypawdy! Ugghh I also had some purrblems at my photo shoot, just watch!

Saturday, January 14

Caturday was the Dress Up Your Furchild Day and I didnt know what I was going to wear! I wanted something and I didnt have anything that screamed FABulosity!

So I put on my designer hat that morning and came out with this dress, very Drag Queen meets a Vegas Showgirl that meets a Broadway actress! Lots of color! Life is too short fur live in black and white, guys.

Take a look at my SUPERMEGACUTE fanfurriends that sent photos dressed fur impress!

Sunday, January 15

On Sunday I wore a very cute dress with a matching heart bow, purrfect fur Mass, Im going to Mass here too, but is too dark fur take photos.

Monday, January 16

On Monday, construction started at grandma’s! So I wore a comfy outfit, it say Perfect 10. I wish it say PURRfect, ugghh the tragedy of living in a fashion dog world some day some day!

Tuesday, January 17

Tutu Tuesday was so much fun! I got to wear a shirt that my famous admirer Seamus sent me and I got to visit the Mexico office ÔÇö they have a foosball table!

We have raised $300 for Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue with my calendar so far, fur honest I thought we could raise like $1,000 but I guess I need like a million fans fur make that happen! Remember that my Calendar is still on sale. Remember 100 purrcent of the profits are going to them!

Love you all! Please check my purrfile here in Catster, and fur daily updates join me on Facebook or follow me in Twitter and last but not least check out my Purrsians at my website.



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