Indoor Cats Can be Tree Climbers with Treehouse Cat Trees!


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Yoo know, the one thing I LOVE to do win I go outdoors on my leesh is klime trees. It’s not only fun and a good werkout (how do you think I git my big mussels?), but it’s also amyoozing to watch the Food Lady try to klime up the tree after me win I klime haffway to the sky. She is NOT a good tree klimer, and it cawzes her to say a few werds on my bad werd list.

I’m always sad win I git back to erth becuz I think I was born to live in the treetops (well, ixsept for the fakt that thare is no Fansy Feest up thare.) So imajine how ixsited I wuz to heer about theeze GRATE treehouses that you can have inside yer howse!!! Now evry indoor cat can play monkey-in-the-jungle games without having to live in the jungle far away frum nip and Fansy Feest and tinsel wand toys. is a brillyunt solution. They have deezined some vary byootiful cat trees that are akshully tree houses! FUN FUN FUN!!!

Theeze cat treehouses are so pawsome they’ve been feecherd on The Today Show and they won an award at the Global Pet Expo. This is not made-in-China crap, folks. Pet Tree Houses are hand crafted in the U.S.A. by highly skilled American craftsmen.

Some treehouses are ginormous, some are big, and some are little, so you can find one that fits both the size of yer house AND yer budjet. Heer are a few examples of what yoo can get frum

You don’t even need a lot of floor space. has several tipes of wall-mounted tree houses that are PURRfect for multi-cat households. It enables the cats at the bottum of the pekking order to get high and far away frum any alfa cat hoo is bullying them. Here’s one of the wall-mounted moduls:

They also have treehouses for dawgs, berds and reptiles (we cood use one of thoze fur when my big bruther Mao brings snakes in the house!) Remember, it’s never too erly to start mewing to yer peeple (or Santa Paws) abowt yer krissmiss gift list!

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