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What Do Cats Do When They Are Alone? 6 Tips on Making It Fun for Them

Written by: Rachel Giordano

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

lonely cat sits alone on a bed at home and sadly looks at the window

What Do Cats Do When They Are Alone? 6 Tips on Making It Fun for Them

Does your cat spend much time alone? Do you ever wonder what your cat does when they’re alone? Do you wonder if your cat sleeps the entire time, or maybe they play with their toys? You can buy a camera to watch what your cat does, but the main question in this post is: How do you make alone time fun for your cat?

Despite popular belief, cats are perfectly capable of forming bonds with their owners, and some cats may get sad when you leave. In that case, you’ll feel better knowing your cat has plenty to do to keep from getting bored and missing you. Here are some tips on how to make alone time fun for your feline.

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Top 6 Tips on How to Make It Fun For Your Cat to Stay Home Alone

1. Provide a Scratching Post

Cats love to claw on things, and your furniture is not ideal. Providing a scratching post will draw your cat away from the couch and to the scratching post, which can offer entertainment for your cat. Scratching posts also give a cat the opportunity to keep the claws sharp and in shape. They also offer mental and physical stimulation for your cat, as well as allowing for awesome stretches and reducing stress.

2. Invest in a Cat Tree

Cat trees and condos are a must-have when you’re a cat owner. Cats love to climb, which provides exercise, and they also love to be up high, an instinct carried over by their wild ancestors to escape prey and safely be on the lookout for danger.

Cat trees typically come with hanging toys your cat can bat, and some come with condos or hideaways. Some even come with a hammock for your cat to take a rest after play. You can even find a cat tree that will add a nice touch of décor to your home.

3. Provide Toys, Puzzles, and Games

Most people, especially non-cat owners, may think cats sleep all day. While they sleep up to 12 to 16 hours daily, they do enjoy some playtime sprinkled throughout the day and night. Providing your cat with toys, puzzles, and interactive games is an excellent way to keep alone time fun for your feline. Interactive games offer mental and physical stimulation, and puzzles exercise the mind; the ones with hidden treats are also an excellent idea!

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4. Offer a Window Perch

Cats love to watch the world outside, and your cat will enjoy watching birds, squirrels, and other wildlife frolicking outside, which can provide hours of entertainment right from the safety of the window. Window perches also allow your cat to be exposed to the warmth of the sun, which they love. You can even crack the window slightly to allow for some fresh air. Just ensure your cat cannot escape and that you have a secured screen.

5. Leave the TV On

Some cats enjoy watching TV, especially if there are animals on the screen to teach who’s boss. Try leaving the TV on a channel like Animal Planet or Discovery—any channel with animals will surely be a hit. Your cat can watch the TV for hours or until their heart’s content. Leaving the TV on will also provide mental and physical stimulation for your cat while you’re away.

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Photo Credit: Ingus Kruklitis, Shutterstock

6. Get Your Cat a Playmate

Our last tip may not work for all, as some cats prefer to be the sole four-legged creature in the home. However, if you think your cat will do well having a four-legged friend to share the home with, by all means, do it. However, the decision to add another pet should not be taken lightly, and it may cause more harm than good, such as added stress for your cat.

Try exposing your cat to other cats and observe their reaction. Sometimes, it takes a while for two cats to become acclimated to each other, but the last thing you want is to add another cat only to surrender it because the two felines don’t get along. You know your cat the best, and if you feel it would work, add a friend for your cat to play with while you’re away.

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Just because you must be away from home during the day doesn’t mean your cat has to be bored. There are plenty of ways to make being home alone fun for your cat, and it will make you feel better knowing your cat has plenty to do if so inclined.

It’s a good idea to invest in a cat toy subscription to keep it interesting. With a cat toy subscription, your cat will receive new toys and treats monthly to keep them on their toes.

Featured Image Credit: Natalia Lebedinskaia, Shutterstock

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