How to Pick the Purrfect Water Fountain for Cats, Darlings!


Hello, guys! For this furrday, I decided to review water fountains because I really want to get a new one fur my purrday. My purrday is April 14, so I have to hurry because my momma is talking about fixing one of the fountains I already have, and I’m thinking DO I WANT THAT? I mean I need a list of PROS and CONS. That’s the smart thing to do fur sure.

Some of you might say, “Why does a kitty needs a water fountain?” The answer is easy, running water make us drink more, and if your kitty drinks lots of water, it’s more likely that he or she will have healthy kidneys. To get a water fountain was the best advice my momma got from my vet when I was a kitten! Fur that reason, I’m not afraid at all of any water fountain noise. I just don’t care!

My furst water fountain ever was a Petmate (the one in the video below), and the purrblem with that fountain was that my momma need to put water in it like twice a day otherwise was too noisy. After a year of use, we give it away to my doggy cousin Lola, and she broke the fountain right away, doggies! PS: My momma in the video was complaining that I always got all wet on my fountain.

Since the Drinkwell fountain was such a good buying, I got one fur the office (remember that I use to go to work every day). So we decided to get the 360. PROS: It’s easy to clean and refill. CONS: It holds less water than the Platinum, filters need to be replaced more often, splash, and, once again, it’s made all of plastic! It is a good fountain, though, and mine broke down after a year or so. I still have it but needs a new pump.

So when my 360 broke down, I wanted something that wasn’t plastic, but it’s really hard to find fountains that are ceramic or stainless steel. At that time, we did a little bit of research, and I only had 2 options:

Thirsty Cat Fountains are handmade, fancy right? And they look sooo lovely, fur be honest.

The other option was the new Lottus Drinkwell that claims to be ceramic, so based on price and the good luck we had with other Drinkwell purrducts, we choose to buy the Lottus. We bought it at PetSmart, and right out of the box, the plastic cord tube was BROKEN guys! We took it back the same day and got a replacement. And fur be honest, was fine fur a year because my momma decided not to take that part apart fur cleaning it. Looked beautiful in my office but was DP (dog poop) that was all ceramic since the middle part was plastic, and the HUGE problem was the little plastic tube that can’t be tightened enough to engage the rubber gasket without completely breaking. Long story short, the freaking plastic tube broke again, so I wondering if we should get the part and fix it. Another CON is that doesn’t hold too much water and, of course, the fact that is not all ceramic.

Anyways, I’m not finished yet, I also own a pet fountain fur traveling, the Petco Automatic Water Fountain. It only cost $20 dollars, and it’s not noisy, and it’s very easy to clean. I think it’s purrfect fur traveling or as a furst fountain. If you are not sure your fur-child would like to drink from a fountain, I think this fountain it’s great fur do some testing!

So as you can see, I have tested many fountains but I haven’t found the purrfect one … yet! Veterinaries recommend fountains that are made in ceramic or stainless steel because some kitties are allergic to plastic and get kitty acne. Believe, it’s not pretty! Also plastic can harbor harmful bacteria fur us, so NO BUENO! Five years ago, you couldn’t find a fountain that wasn’t plastic, but lucky fur is 2013 it’s our year. Here are the kitty acne saviors:

1. Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain Raindrop: Just looking at the design, I can tell that it doesn’t have splash purrblems and that probably it’s quiet because the water doesn’t free fall. I wonder if the dish is heavy enough and how often needs to be filled up. From reviews, some purrsons are complaining that when the water runs low starts making noise and then the pump stop working … any fountain will do the same, I believe so, but in my experience it’s weird that the pump stop working right away, so I wonder if the Pioneer’s pumps are bad quality. Update: My furriend Angie got one, and she said that holds enough water fur her four kitties and that she put it on a mat so doesn’t move at all.

2. Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain Big Max: This fountain looks more robust than the Raindrop model. It holds the double of water (128 oz.), which is nice so my momma doesn’t have to refill too often. I wonder if is TOO HUGE fur look pretty. Also, I’m afraid that the ceramic version would be too heavy. Overall looks like a nice fountain.

3. Petco Premium Ceramic Cat Fountain: Petco also saw the need fur a ceramic bowl and came out with a simple water fountain. It holds tons of water, 1/2 a gallon!!

4. Lucky-Kitty: If you live in Europe, you should take a look to this water fountain, the water constantly circulates, and because of the cool design it’s spill safe!

5. Nature Spa UV Pet Fountain: OK, this one, it’s not made of ceramic or plastic BUT have UV water filtration! Sounds pretty neat and also have an auto-shut down when the water, it’s too low (none of the others fountains have this feature). My concern is that the UV, it’s not enough fur keep the water clean because ALL my plastic fountains grown black STUFFS! no matter how often my momma clean them! Anyways, it have a LED light that looks cool!

6. Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon: Well well well! Another ceramic model by Drinkwell. I wonder if this time it’s ALL ceramic and if the parts inside are not cheap plastic! I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but if any of you decide to get one, make sure to check every single part.

7. Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain: As you know, I have test the 360 plastic version and one purrblem was that the water didn’t come out well enough from the top. I believe needs a better pump. Anyways, just looking at the picture I see that it’s some plastic on the fountain. It hold 1 gallon of water, which is purrfect if you have more than 1 kitty.

Conclusion of my investigation is INCONCLUSIVE BUT I believe in testing! Most of the stores grand you with 30 days of TESTING, so use each day wisely. That’s my advice fur any of you thinking in getting a new fountain. Every single fountain is going to have at least the pump made of plastic, so that’s not a purrblem. I guess the purrfect fountain is the one that you can afford at the time; they are expensive. Fur last remember that your furbaby health, it’s the most impurrtant thing one in three kitties (35 percent) age 8 years or older dies from kidney or urinary purrblems!! Running water make us drink way more water and help us to keep healthy kidneys.

Have a great weekend my furriends. Please look fur me in facebook, follow me in twitter, furriend me here in Catster, and to help me networking my purrsians in need at my website. Be FAB, Be amazing, you are in this world fur it!

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