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Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain 2024 Review (Pros, Cons & Features)

Written by: Chris Dinesen Rogers

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain Review

Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain 2024 Review (Pros, Cons & Features)

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality: 4/5

Capacity: 4/5

Features: 4/5

Price: 3.5/5

Hydration is just as vital for your cat as it is for you. Wild felines often get adequate moisture from their prey, while a filled water bowl is a pet’s best option. Welcome to the Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain! The action of the product is sure to attract a curious cat. However, the pump isn’t loud at all.

This fountain is an excellent addition to the company’s product line. It strives to make pet care easy and effective for caregivers with quality items. Consistency is a common theme, with their goods delivering what they promise. The warranty speaks to the manufacturer’s commitment to customer service, and we liked their mission to listen to their customers and their feedback.

Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain – A Quick Look

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to clean
  • Chew-proof cord

  • Short power cord
  • Misleading wireless claim on this model


  • Brand Name: Petlibro
  • Model: PLWF005
  • Dimensions: 9.13 inches L x 6.34 inches W x 6.14 inches H
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds (without water)
  • Capacity: 2.64 quarts (2.5 liters)
  • Material: Acrylic, stainless steel
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Output: 5V/1A
  • Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Four-Layer Filtering System

The fountain has a four-layer filtering system, not unlike what you’d find in products designed for human use. It includes a non-woven fabric to collect cat hair, activated carbon for odor control, ion exchange resin to soften the water, and a high-density sponge to remove particulate matter. The design is effective. Nevertheless, the filter is small, calling for relatively frequent changes at 2-week intervals.

Ease of Use

The company has the owner’s concerns in mind with its easy-to-use design. It’s simple to break it apart for cleaning. It is weighted to prevent accidental spills. It even includes a cleaning brush to make your job as easy as possible. The fountain comes with only one filter. Potential buyers need to know the frequency of changes to stock up when they order the product.

24-Month Manufacturer Warranty

We always appreciate manufacturer warranties in addition to the usual replacement if busted. You must have proof of purchase and the PN code of the packaging to process any claims. They will also accept a screenshot. That seems par for the course. Depending on the circumstances, the company will repair, replace, or refund your purchase price.

Other Useful Features

Another feature stood out for us: The fountain includes a foreign object detection system. That can prevent accidental shocks if something metal strikes the top. The fabric layer on the filter is another helpful addition. It keeps the water clean and can extend the life of the product. It’s an example of the extra care the manufacturer put into the design of this item.

Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Is the Power Cord?

The cord measures 150 centimeters or 59 inches long. You must plug the fountain in for it to work.

How Often Should I Fill the Fountain?

Cats need 4 ounces of water per 5 pounds of body weight daily. However, our experience is that some pets like to play with the water. We suggest changing it at least every other day or more often if your kitty fouls the water quickly.

What Safety Features Does the Fountain Have?

The fountain must operate with water or risk damaging the pump. It has an automatic shut-off to turn it off if the water gets too low to filter properly.

What the Users Say

We researched what pet owners had to say about the Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Many remarked on its quiet operation. According to the manufacturer’s website, the noise level is 23 dB, which is the equivalent of a ticking clock. Many users reported that it was quieter than other products.

The manufacturer produces several fountains. Some complaints cited inaccurate descriptions of some being wireless when they are indeed corded. It’s not a fault of the product but instead a marketing error. We also noted polarized reviews referencing the pets’ reactions to the fountain. Some cats won’t like these products, but others find them fascinating and like another toy. Personal preference is a factor in the reviews.

The company is quite proactive with the instructions and recommendations for customers. We recommend reading this information. Its instructions aren’t out of line with what we’d expect with these kinds of products. We appreciated this info to get the most out of our purchase.

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The Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain is an excellent way to entice a cat or dog to drink. It also provides valuable enrichment since it will likely catch your pet’s eye and encourage them to use it. The product is well-made with the customer and pet in mind. We also appreciated all the attention to detail down to the instructions about extending the life of the product.

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