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Wet Whiskers Fountains Review (2024 Update)

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 3, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Wet Whiskers Fountains Review

Wet Whiskers Fountains Review (2024 Update)

Our Final Verdict

We give Wet Whiskers Fountains a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality: 5/5

Options: 4/5

Features: 4/5

Price: 3/5

Some domesticated cats will drink from standing water without an issue, but it’s common for cats to be selective about what they drink. If you’re concerned about whether your cat is drinking enough, running water may be more enticing and may encourage them to drink more.

There are plenty of options for cat water fountains on the market, but few are as attractive as Wet Whiskers Fountains. These handmade ceramic cat water fountains are works of fine art on their own, allowing you to care for your cat’s needs while enhancing your home décor. Completely food- and water-safe, these fountains are beautiful, easy to clean, and functional, available in multiple models, and created and designed by small business owners.

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Wet Whiskers Fountain – A Quick Look

Wet Whiskers Fountains - red water cat fountain

  • Encourages drinking
  • Handmade, artisan quality
  • Family-owned business
  • Durable, sturdy clay construction
  • Various colors
  • Quiet operation
  • Variable speed
  • Food-safe PVC tubing
  • Instructions for assembly and cleaning 

  • No custom orders
  • Only available at the Etsy shop
  • Expensive


Dimensions w/ Model Number: 11”W x 4”D x 7”H (#2912); 10”W x 3.5”D, 6”H (#2947); 10”W x 4”D x 6”H (#2945), 11”W x 4”D (#2950)
Colors: Cottage White, Vanilla, Dove Gray, Red Ruby
Materials: Earthen clay/ceramic, food-safe PVC water tubing
Features: One-of-a-kind, self-filtering pump, activated charcoal filter pellets
Capacity: 48 ounces and up

Handmade with Care

The owners of Wet Whiskers Fountains, Mike and Dee, combined their love of ceramics and animals to produce food dishes and water fountains that merge form and function. Along with being statement fine art pieces, these fountains are all handmade and unique. No two pieces are alike, though there are multiple models and color glazes to choose from.

The fountains are individually handmade, designed, and finished in the owners’ US-based studio workshop. The glazes are mixed in-house to ensure consistency, but like all handmade products, the color can vary from fountain to fountain.

Wet Whiskers Fountains - blue water cat fountain

Functional, Hygienic Features

These fountains are constructed out of top-rated clay for stability and sturdiness. Each fountain has a high-performance, variable-speed, self-filtering pump that keeps the water moving to encourage drinking. Water is directed through food-safe PVC water tubing. The pump operates quietly to avoid scaring your cat, and the design allows for multi-cat households to drink simultaneously.

Each fountain comes with activated carbon pellets in a 100% silk bag that attaches to the pump to freshen and purify the water. It’s easy to clean and provides up to 12 months of water purification. Fountains come with complete instructions for assembly and cleaning. If you need replacement parts for the pump or replacement carbon pellets, the shop sells them.

Customer Service and Support

Fountains ship from the owners’ studio in Cumming, GA. The owners accept returns within 30 days of purchase. They do not accept cancellations. Based on reviews from previous buyers, the owners are quick to respond to questions and provide assistance with orders.

You can purchase fountains through the Wet Whiskers Fountain Etsy shop. This provides an extra layer of protection with the Etsy Purchase Protection policy. If your order doesn’t arrive, arrives damaged, is delayed in shipping, or isn’t as described, Etsy’s program may cover you for your purchase. In addition, Etsy offers a range of accepted payment methods through the secure platform. The seller doesn’t have access to payment methods.

Wet Whiskers Fountains - water fountain for cats


Wet Whiskers Fountains have been sold on Etsy since the shop’s opening in 2015. They are not available on Chewy, Amazon, chain pet stores, or other major retailers, which may be inconvenient for some pet owners. However, Wet Whiskers Fountains has several fountain styles and glaze options in stock regularly and ships quickly.

Recall History

Wet Whiskers Fountains have not had any recalls. As a small, family-owned supplier, Wet Whiskers Fountains have a relatively small inventory compared to major brands. Some past models had design flaws that affected the aesthetics, not the function, of the fountains, but the owners have since improved their design.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Pump Loud?

The filter pump is designed to run quietly, though there may be a slight hum. If the filter is loud, it may need to be cleaned.

How Often Do Fountains Need to Be Cleaned?

Wet Whiskers Fountains should be cleaned at least once a week for hygiene and functionality. They should be deep cleaned every few months to remove water scale buildup.

How Much Water Do Wet Whiskers Fountains Hold?

Most fountain models hold at least 48 ounces of water, but some may have a higher capacity.

Are Wet Whiskers Fountains Safe?

Wet Whiskers Fountains use stoneware clay and mixed glazes that are water-safe and free of metal to ensure safety. The pumps are designed for small water fountains.

Can I Use Tap Water?

It depends on the quality of tap water in your area. In many places in the USA, tap water is safe for human consumption and, therefore, safe for cats to drink. But if you have issues with tap water where you live, it might be best to use bottled drinking water for the fountains instead.

What Size Do I Need?

Wet Whiskers Fountains come in multiple sizes to accommodate different households. The 9-inch to 10-inch basins are intended for solitary cats, while 10-inch basins and larger can accommodate two or more cats.

What if My Cat Won’t Drink?

Some cats may need some time to try water from a fountain. If your cat doesn’t take to the fountain, the shop offers a 30-day return policy with a full refund.

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What the Users Say

Wet Whiskers Fountains have rave reviews with over 2,200 sales. The average review is 4.8 or higher, with many reviewers mentioning the beauty of the fountain, the craftsmanship, and the glaze colors. Most reviewers had positive results with their cats drinking more, particularly ones with health conditions like recurring urinary tract problems.

The customer service has been praised across multiple reviews as well. When products have been delayed or arrived damaged, the shop owners have been responsive and worked with the buyer to find a resolution. Many reviewers remarked that they’ve purchased replacement fountains as needed, demonstrating their satisfaction with the product.

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If you want to encourage your cat to drink more water but you don’t want an unsightly plastic fountain in your kitchen, Wet Whiskers Fountains are the best choice. These handmade, unique fountains are works of art on their own, but they’re also safe, functional, and hygienic to support your cat’s health and well-being. However, they are sold by a small business, so they are pricey and only available in the current inventory on Etsy.

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