Catster DIY: How to Make a Cat-Tastic Canister


I am notoriously lazy when it comes to craft projects that create home accessories. I’m the kind of person who’d sooner hire a TaskRabbit to assemble her IKEA wardrobe than wrestle with it herself. So when a friend at Darby Smart sent this cat canister DIY project over, my first evil thought was, “Which of my lovely Catster editors do I delegate this to?” (I know, I’m an awful boss.)

Then I opened the box and realized it was so simple, even an idiot like me could do it.

And if I can do it, so can you, whether you’re working with Darby Smart’s kit (available here) or hitting the craft store and getting the pieces to assemble yourself.

This is what we’re working towards:

Not too shabby, eh? And if you’re not into cats, you can always pick out some other plastic creature. (But we’re going to assume you’re a touch cat-crazy. This is Catster, after all.)

What you’ll need:

  • Mason jars
  • Spray paint (any color; your choice)
  • Super glue
  • Plastic cat figurines

And here we go …

Step 1: Pick a cat. Any cat. This may be the most difficult part of the process. Set your cats aside for later.

Step 2: Add glue to the rim of the canister lid. (Mason jars, if you’re familiar with them, are weird in that their lids are composed of two moving parts.) Glue down the mason jar’s loose lid. (And watch your fingers; I almost glued mine together.)

Step 3: Spray a coat of paint on the cats and lids. Let the paint dry for 20 minutes, and then spray on a second coat.

P.S. Add a third coat if you want deeper color.

Step 4: Glue your sprayed cats to the lids. You can use more than one cat if you’re feeling ambitious.

Then, fill your lid with candy or cat food or office supplies and bask in the adorable results of your efforts!

Source: Darby Smart. This kit retails for $24 and contains the materials for two jars.

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