Daisy the Curly Cat Braves Alligators on Her Florida Strolls


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. As we rap up Strollin’ Week on The Cat’s Meow, I’m interviewing my speshul frend, Daisy, in Florida. Daisy is an Innernet Sooperstar, authering the award-winning blog, “Daisy the Curly Cat.”

Skeezix: Daisy, it seems like you’ve bin strolling furever. How long exaktly have you bin strolling?
Well, my memory is not too good, but I think it has been about two years.

Skeezix: What prompted yer mom to get you a stroller?
Daisy: I first learned about strollering on Catster! And it looked like loads of fun, so I asked my Mommie to get me one. And she said yes!

Skeezix: What model of stroller do you have?
Well, first I got a cheap-o model. Right out of the box we realized that it would not be sturdy enough for the distances we wanted to go. Also, the zipper did not work well, and there were big openings where I could almost escape from! So we sent that one back and got the super-duper Jeep Rubicon stroller. Even though we thought this was an awesome stroller, my Mommie had trouble with the steering since the front wheel is fixed. So we donated that one to our local no-kill, cats-only shelter, and they raffled it off during one of their fundraisers. Finally, we ended up with the Pet Gear AT3 stroller. This one is perfect for us because its real sturdy, the zipper works easily, and the front wheel can be either fixed or movable. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

Skeezix: How often do you stroll?
Where I live, it is very, very hot and humid many months of the year, so we do not go strollering very much in the warmer months. And there are also many mosquitos. During nice weather, I go a few times a month. I wish I could go every day!

Skeezix: How far do you stroll?
We have a real nice sidewalk around our neighborhood thats perfect for strollering. Its marked every mile, so you know exactly how far you have gone. We usually go 3 miles. My Mommie can use the exercise!

Skeezix: Do you stroll alone or with other cats in yer howse?
I go by myself. I would not want to be enclosed with Harley in the cabin for so long. Hes still a little wild and crazy.

Skeezix: Do all the cats in yer famly like strolling?
I LOVE it! After I get back home, I sit by the front door and cry to go out again. Then I sleep in the stroller for most of the day. Harley is still a little bit scairt of it. I hope he is not too embarrassed that I told that.

Skeezix: What do you like most abowt strolling?
My favorite thing is seeing all the pretty trees and birds, and feeling the wind in my furs.

Skeezix: Is thare anything you dislike abowt strolling?
Sometimes loud cars make me scairted. I have a sleeping bag inside my stroller, and when I get too nervous, I just crawl into the bag and I feel safe. I recommend this for all strollering cats. Unless they are very, very brave and never get scairt.

Skeezix: Have you ever seen any other pets in strollers on yer strolls?
I never have! I sure wish I would though.

Skeezix: How abowt wild creechers?
I always keep my eyes peeled for alligators! The place we walk is right on the very edge of the Everglades , so we see lots and lots of big birds. Sometimes we see armadillos, opossums, bunnies and little snakes.

Skeezix: Do you only stroll in yer nayberhood, or do you travel to parks or other places to stroll
We only stroll around the neighborhood.

Skeezix: Any funny strolling stories you’d like to share?
Sometimes, when people see us out strollering, they think there is a baby inside. When they see me, they are very surprised. Many times, they smile real big!

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