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Cat Guys: Possibly the Newest Trend for Men in the USA


The New York Times recently published an article on Cat Guys single straight men who own cats. It seems that the number of Cat Guys is on the rise, and single Cat Grrls (I’m gonna try to avoid the Crazy Cat Lady label, here) are finding them HOT HOT HOT.

According to the Times column, the stigma associated with being a cat-lovin’ man appears to be waning, although youd never know it from my husband, who is quick to point out, Im not a cat person. This from the man who gets a backache from sitting in a crickety crappy folding chair in his office because Rocky begs to sleep on his cushy ergonomic office chair; this man who wont think twice about making a late-night run to the supermarket not because the cats are out of food, but because they are out of their favorite FLAVOR of food, and none of the four dozen cans in the pantry will do. Yes, this “not a cat person” person was the one who, when we briefly faced the prospect of having to euthanize Rocky, protested, eyes glistening, “but hes my buddy.” For a lot of Cat Guys, being a Cat Guy is still a dirty little secret.

A study cited in the article found that Cat Guys were more likely than their female counterparts to have made, or consider making, sacrifices for their cats including giving up a holiday or going into debt for their cats if necessary. They would also consider choosing their cats over their partners.

Case in point: Adam Fulrath, who dated a woman who was allergic to cats, told the Times:

I thought, This is never going to work, he recalled. My cat takes priority over the new relationship. Realistically, unless theres something absolutely amazing about her, he wins.

Fulrath unashamedly keeps five photographs of Parappa, his mixed-breed cat, on his desktop. He acknowledged that it might be considered a little weird that a grown man would be so enamored with his kitty, but Mr. Fulrath, who calls himself a straight, geeky guy, doesnt care.

Shes my primary relationship, he said.

Is it any wonder that Paul Klusman, a Wichita, Kansas Cat Guy who was mentioned in the article, received about 300 marriage proposals from lonely cat ladies around the world after he posted the following “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats” video on YouTube?


Slate counters that the trend is bogus and suggests that the NYT article belongs in the litter box. The Slate article‘s author, Jack Shafer, claims the Times’ facts are dubious, and refutes each of the claims point by point. I dunno. Sounds like a Dog Dude to me. Or maybe a closet Cat Guy who doth protest too much?


TOMORROW: We interview Rosie and Cheeto’s lady, soliciting a Cat Grrl’s opinion on the Cat Guy phenomenon.


Got a “Cat Guy” story? Share it with me, and I’ll publish the best of the bunch.

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