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Cat Chic: Get On the Yarn Ball with ModCloth

Become a better cat person with this precious patterned dress, which celebrates the love affair between kitties and yarn.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Apr 18th 2012

Are you the type of cat lady who is always one step ahead of the game? You have a week’s worth of blog posts saved up in your queue, you finish the cupcakes for the shelter bake sale way ahead of time, and you remember when your cat’s next annual exam is scheduled without even checking the calendar?

Yeah, I’m not that kind of cat lady either, but maybe the On the Yarn Ball Dress by ModCloth will help me up my game.

The summery, short-sleeved frock features a clowder of kittens, each with the steely focus required to balance on a giant ball of yarn, so who knows what they might inspire you to do? The dress even has two handy oversized pockets that are purrfect for stashing the two kittens you’re bound to rescue due to your newly alert and prepared state of mind.