Cat Chic: Behold, the White Cat Swimsuit by Wildfox Couture


You’re shipwrecked and wash up on a desert island, dressed only in seaweed and the tatters of clothing you were wearing on what was to be a fun day on your friend’s boat. Out of nowhere, a cat comes up to you, her fur as white as the sand and her eyes as blue as the ocean. She lets out a soft mew and nods in your direction, as if to say “Come with me.”

You hesitantly get up and follow her as she runs along the shoreline, leaving tiny pawprints in the sand. You think, “But don’t cats hate water?” as she leads you through thick brush to a clearing filled with dozens ÔÇö no, hundreds ÔÇö of cats who look just like her. They are all hard at work, each one assigned to a different task of cooking, cleaning, or tending to the kittens.

The mysterious cat tribe welcomes you with open paws and prepares you a meal of some of the freshest fish you’ve ever eaten. You still look like a shipwreck victim, and unsure if they understand English, you motion to your tattered clothes in hopes that they can whip you up a new outfit (they cook and clean, after all ÔÇö surely they can sew, too?)

A short time later, the first cat emerges and holds out a garment in her tiny paw ÔÇö a white swimsuit, with a cat’s face on it that looks just like her. Just after you slip it on, you hear a helicopter in the distance and know that help is on its way.

Right before you run out to the main beach to be rescued, you thank the cats for their hospitality and ask them if they have a website where you can order more bathing suits online.

As the helicopter ascends, you look down and see the words “White Cat Swimsuit by Wildfox Couture” spelled out in the sand, and think, “This cat fashion thing is really taking off!”

About the Author: Stephanie Harwin is the founder of, an award-winning cat culture blog dedicated to her passion for finding and sharing all of the coolest cat-related content online. Read more about her here.

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