Cat Chic: 10 Furrocious Feline Fashion Designers


When it comes to four-legged fashions, why should canines get to have all the fun? It used to be that all of the cute, cool clothing for pets came in pup-only sizes ÔÇö but in the past few years, a clowder of cat fashion designers has emerged to give your feline fashionista the chance to express herself like never before.

Of course, I must add that cats wearing clothing should always be supervised, and as cat owners are aware, kitties who are uncomfortable in their duds will be sure to let you know!

Now on to the fashions.

+ CatAtelier

CatAtelier’s Julie, who is trained in costume design and prop creation, used her passion for cats and fashion to create an elegant line of scarves, berets, bow ties, and more, which can be mixed and matched, just like your wardrobe.

Her Etsy shop is worth checking out for many reasons, but especially to admire her fierce feline model, a gorgeous Abyssinian named Toki Nantucket.

+ Snoop Catty Cat

When Jane rescued her cat, Salvador, after seeing a last-call shelter plea for him on Craigslist, she had no idea that the handsome black cat would go on to inspire a successful line of neckties and bow ties made exclusively for kitties.

Her designs include quirky and fun prints ÔÇö think sushi, polka dots, skulls, and cupcakes ÔÇö as well as festive patterns for almost every holiday, including Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.

+ Meow-Wear

Founded in 2006 by Carla Reiss, the Meow-Wear line was made (in)famous by appearances at the kitty fashion show at Matilda the Algonquin Cat’s annual birthday soires.

Meow-Wear is described as a line of fine feline fashions and accessories for the fashion-conscious, and offers fanciful apparel, costumes, and accessories (like the cat’s pajamas!), alongside clothing options for special-needs kitties.

+ To Scarborough Fair

To Scarborough Fair makes dazzling cat headgear, combining feathers, wigs, and other accessories to make dainty hats that are lightweight and comfortable with special-needs cats in mind.

My favorites are the Southern Belle hat (complete with faux ringlets), the Steampunk top hat, and the chic French beret that will make your cat feel cultured and well traveled without having to step a paw outside the house.

+ NotsoKittyShop

Perhaps your cats are more into cosplay? Using foam, wire, and lots of glitter and glue, Wendy Casazza Scruton and her cats Fluffy and Notso Fluffy prove that one woman’s craftroom surplus is another cat lady’s fashion muse.

Born of “attention-deficit-inspired creativity” and “an unending desire to create cat accessories,” Wendy’s Etsy shop sells outfits to help your cat emulate pop culture figures such as Kanye West, Princess Beatrice, and Paddington Bear.

+ Cat-toure

Jeff Kastin and his wife created Cat-toure in 2010 as a way to keep their Devon Rex, Liley, warm, comfortable, and stylish. The clothing range includes tanks, hoodies, and robes made to fit the feline figure without sacrificing personal style.

Jeff says, “When we think of the design and article of clothing, we think, What would we wear? If we wouldn’t wear it and don’t think it’s stylish, why would a cat?”

+ Scooter Knits

Some cats who don’t do well with clothing don’t mind wearing a cozy cap. Enter Scooter Knits, one of the finest online purveyors of adorable hand-knit hats for your puss.

Stock is constantly updated with cuddly new designs such as dinosaur and punk rocker looks, as well as holiday favorites in Reindeer, Santa, and Love Bunny styles.

+ Sphynx Cat Wear

Melanie Manson founded Sphynx Cat Wear in 2010 out of a need to find comfortable and functional clothing for her Sphynx cats, Smeagol and Zizzles. She says the concept behind the line is not about playing dress-up, but a way to keep hairless cat breeds “warm, dry, and safe.”

Despite their utilitarian function, Melanie’s hip creations are far from unflattering, and could be proudly worn by creatures of all stripes.

+ Pampered Whiskers

Does your cat have ambitions of being a frog? How about a cow or a sunflower?

Not only are the wild hat and accessory creations from Pampered Whiskers good for a laugh, they also support a good cause. The company is dedicated to helping animals who are not as fortunate by donating a portion of the proceeds from each sale to animal rescue organizations.

+ Rover
Cat fashion scene newcomer Rover has expanded its popular canine line of tailored peacoats and blazers for the feline masses, who are looking for a departure from “pink ruffles and glittered decals.”

The Rover Classics Collection, which includes fitted dress shirts and traditional neckwear, is meant to “evoke memories of cool mornings on the dock and lazy afternoons by the sea,” and will leave your kitty looking like she stepped out of the pages of the latest J. Crew catalog.

About the Author: Stephanie Harwin is the founder of, an award-winning cat culture blog dedicated to her passion for finding and sharing all of the coolest cat-related content online. Read more about her here.

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