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Are Bombay Cats Vocal? Potential Reasons & Breed Facts

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 4, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Bombay Black Cat Meowing and touching a foot

Are Bombay Cats Vocal? Potential Reasons & Breed Facts

Bombay cats are known for being pretty vocal. They tend to be very talkative leading to meowing, purring, and chirping. They may follow their owner around the house, meowing for attention—though some of them meow even when they don’t want attention.

This vocal nature is one of the breed’s distinctive characteristics. This breed is known for many things, such as not shedding much, however, their vocal ability is also a pretty popular characteristic. These cats are often not afraid to voice their opinion!

These cats are known for bonding closely with their people, which may be one reason they’re prone to meowing a lot. It’s one of the ways they let their people know they’re there and interested in them.

We wouldn’t recommend this breed for those looking for a quieter companion. They can be pretty noisy, so they may be a bit much for some cat owners.

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Do Bombay Cats Like to Talk?

Bombay cats are a pretty talkative breed. They’re known for talking to their owners, especially after they’ve bonded with them. They like interacting with people, and talking is one of the ways they do this. They’re often described as chatty—while many meow, others may also purr and make chirping sounds to get their human’s attention.

These cats often initiate “conversation” and even respond to their owner’s words. Some Bombay cats are known to develop a repertoire of different vocal sounds, each with meaning or purpose. Their conversational nature adds to their charm and can create a unique bond between the cat and its owner.

However, individual Bombay cats will vary on their noise level. While they tend to be vocal, some may not talk more than your average cat. Still, we don’t recommend them for those needing a quieter companion, as these cats will likely not fit into that category.

Image Credit: PickPik

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Why Does My Bombay Cat Meow So Much?

Bombay cats tend to meow more frequently than others for various reasons. Cats often meow for various reasons, and only experience will help you determine why your cat is meowing.

However, here are some of the most common reasons for Bombay cats meowing:


Bombay cats are social and crave attention from their owners. They may meow to initiate playtime and seek affection. Spending quality time with your cat can help fulfill their social needs. These cats are very people-oriented, requiring significantly more attention than other breeds.

If you don’t give them this attention, they may meow excessively. It’s their way of trying to fulfill this social need.

cute black bombay cat with bright yellow eyes
Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

Hunger or Thirst

Like most casts, Bombays will meow often when hungry or thirsty. If it’s around mealtime, your cat may meow to get you to move things along. They may run back and forth between you and their food or water dish to communicate their needs.

You should always provide your cat with fresh water. However, if it runs out, your feline may meow excessively to get you to fill it up.


Just like people, Bombay cats can become bored. They’re pretty intelligent and social cats, requiring a lot of mental stimulation. If this isn’t provided, they may meow more frequently to get something to happen.

Bored cats may meow at absolutely nothing or follow you around the house meowing. In these cases, you should provide your cat with extra stimulation to meet their needs.


Meowing excessively can also be a sign of stress or anxiety in cats. Changes in the environment, such as moving to a new home or the presence of unfamiliar people or animals, can trigger increased vocalization.

Creating a calm and secure environment for your Bombay cat, providing hiding spots, and considering pheromone diffusers or other calming aids may help reduce their anxiety. Your vet may recommend medication for cats that are particularly stressed.

You can try to eliminate the cause of the stress. However, this isn’t possible in many cases (like moving homes). You may have to wait it out and deal with a noisier cat.

bombay cat on the grass
Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

Medical Problems

Occasionally, excessive meowing can indicate an underlying health problem. If your Bombay cat’s meowing behavior has changed significantly or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms like changes in appetite, litter box habits, or overall demeanor, it’s important to consult a veterinarian.

While Bombay cats are noisy, a sudden increase in meowing isn’t normal. Dementia, pain, and other medical issues can all cause increased meowing.

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Do Bombay Cats Purr Loudly?

Just as these cats meow loudly, they’re also prone to purring loudly. They use purring to communicate, similarly to their meows. They’ll often purr deeply and loudly for many of the same reasons they may meow, which we discussed above.

Cats may even purr when they are injured or ill. Purring is a natural pain relief, so cats often purr when they aren’t feeling well. However, Bombay cats will also purr when they are content. They may purr when you pay attention to them, but many will also purr when alone and relaxed. The volume of their purr will vary from cat to cat.

Some cats may purr very quietly, while others may be extremely loud. Bombay cats are known for their audible purring, but that doesn’t mean every Bombay cat will purr loudly.

bombay cat sitting on log
Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

Why Are Bombay Cats So Needy?

Bombay cats are known for their social and affectionate behavior. They need significantly more attention than other cats, often leading to them being labeled “needy”. However, individual cats may be needier than others, and the attention a cat needs will probably vary throughout their life.

Bombay cats bond strongly with their owners, which is one reason they are so vocal. They crave companionship and enjoy being close—often using their meow to help maintain that closeness. They may seek affection more often due to their bonding abilities.

Bombay cats are also more vocal than others, which may make them seem needier. While they may not necessarily need more attention, how they go about getting it is often more in your face.

Of course, cats may seem needy for a range of different reasons. If a cat is bored or lonely, they’re more likely to seek out attention. A lack of environmental stimulation may lead to more neediness.

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Final Thoughts

Bombay cats are pretty vocal and tend to be very conversational. They usually aren’t afraid to express their feelings by meowing, purring, and chirping. They’re loud in most cases, so they aren’t the best option for those looking for a quieter feline.

Their vocal nature is one of their unique characteristics. While many cat owners like their conversational habits, others do not. It’s largely dependent on your personal feelings and preferences.

Featured Image Credit: PxHere

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