Is Your Cat Meowing at Night? Reasons Why and What to Do

What can you do about a cat meowing at night? And why do cats meow at night in the first place? Here's how to get a good night's sleep with your cats.

A cat sleeping on a woman's chest.
A cat sleeping on a woman's chest. Photography ©IvanJekic | E+ / Getty Images.

It’s after midnight, and you wake up to your cat meowing. This scenario presents a couple of complications: 1) your cat’s indicating she has needs that aren’t being met and 2) you’re losing precious sleep. What to do? Thankfully, there are a few possible solutions, but let’s first look at some reasons for cat meowing at night.

Why is your cat meowing at night?

A woman shushing a cat meowing at night.
Is your cat meowing at night? We’ve got some reasons why — and some ideas on how to stop it! Photography ©innovatedcaptures | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Cats are known to sleep for extended periods of time but can be active when they’re not sawing logs. If your cat vocalizes at night while you’re sleeping, consider these reasons for your cat meowing at night.

  1. Changing residences can cause anxiety, which may present itself as a cat whining or a cat meowing at night.
  2. Kitty is bored and wants you to wake up and play with her.
  3. Hunger or thirst are afoot, and your cat is sounding the alarm.
  4. An older cat may be experiencing dementia and her meows are based in confusion.
  5. There’s a health-related cause for your cat meowing at night.
  6. A newly adopted kitten might feel scared in her new environment.
  7. A newly adopted older cat may feel lonely because she’s used to the company of other cats at the shelter — especially if she had bonded with a particular friend.
  8. Something she sees outside — likely another cat —  disturbed her.

How to stop cat meowing at night

As you can see, there are many reasons for a cat meowing at night. But, thankfully, getting shut-eye might be easier than you think. Here are some ways to stop a cat meowing at night:

  1. Visit a veterinary professional to rule out any medical reasons that could be behind a cat meowing at night. As cats age, they’re prone to developing thyroid or kidney diseases, which might result in meowing a lot.
  2. Because moving can be an exceptionally stressful time for pets, Brent Bilhartz of LazyPaw Animal Hospitals says, “Moving tends to throw daily schedules upside down, but keep your pet’s routine as similar to normal as possible. Stick with feeding schedules, and make time for play and affection. Even a few minutes every day can make your pet feel safe, loved and calm.” A cat who feels safe and secure is less likely to anxiously meow at night.
  3. If cats aren’t active during the day, they might want to burn off that energy at night. One way to help the burn — and your likelihood of a good night’s sleep — is to give kitty a good workout before bed. Using wand toys that make her jump or playing chase with a ball are excellent ways to release some of the cat zoomies that are keeping you awake.
  4. It’s also a good idea to feed your cat and provide fresh water right before you go to bed. Even humans sleep well with a full belly!
  5. Cats who suffer from anxiety may need extra assurance and attention from you, especially at bedtime. Bring your cat into the bedroom with you, and even move her bed near yours. Some cats like having a blanket or towel on their human’s bed — oftentimes they like to sleep right next to their person. Showing extra comfort and security can help an anxious or confused cat feel more relaxed and less likely to meow.
  6. Newly adopted kittens may meow out of loneliness. Again, playtime before bed is a way to let the baby burn off energy and also bond with you. If you’re up for it, take the kitten to bed with you at night. The comfort of sleeping with you might calm her down and give you a fighting chance at sleep. Remember, though, a new kitten is a baby, and it may take a few nights for her to settle into her new routine and surroundings.
  7. If you find the meowing directed at activity happening outside the house, simply closing the blinds or curtains might be an easy solution.

The bottom line on what to do about a cat meowing at night

It is possible to get a good night’s sleep when you share your home with a vocal cat. If you’ve tried our suggestions and are still losing sleep due to a cat meowing at night, it’s best to follow up with your vet and perhaps consult a behaviorist.

Thumbnail: Photography ©IvanJekic | E+ / Getty Images.

This piece was originally published in 2018.

Tell us: Is your cat meowing at night? Have you been able to stop this behavior? What are your tips and tricks?

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107 thoughts on “Is Your Cat Meowing at Night? Reasons Why and What to Do”

  1. 95% of the time, there’s nothing to be done. Our cat yowls around 5 a.m. when the first light of dawn is coming through the windows. Sure, we have shades (pulled of course) and light blocking curtains but this is a big house with many windows high up we can’t cover. I used to get up and squirt him with a squirt gun, which works, for awhile and then he’s back at it. He simply wants the household up when the sun starts showing itself. We’ve taken to closing the house up at night in the summer and running the A/C all night. Expensive but at least the neighbors don’t complain. He’s been to the vet, no issues. He started doing this about 3 years ago, he is 14 now. We’re all exhausted as our sleep is interrupted nightly but we love him and are devoted to him. After he dies, no more cats, EVER!

    1. I trapped and homed an older stray and he’s fairly vocal around bedtime. I adopted a brother for him but my other cats are not nice to him, Stray kitty wants their love so badly and he still won’t let me touch him. I started him on animal CBD and it’s working great. He calms down, snuggles up on a blanket and goes to bed. CBD has also worked miracles on my mean cat who struggles with anxiety. It’s the best I can do right now.

    2. Ditto. I love our cat, but at 12 years old, his yowling at 5 am has gotten so bad I can't do my job. I am desperate. We've tried everything–blackout curtains, gabapentin (currently at 75 mg/night, right before bed), ignoring him, extra playtime before bed, everything. If we shut him out of the room, he just yowls loud right outside the door. The only thing left to do is lock him and our other, sweet, silent kitty in the basement every night, which we're unfortunately about to start trying so I can function. I hate it. We're totally cat people, but after this, I'm afraid to ever get a cat again. For the first time in my life, I'm regretting ever getting this cat I have loved so much. :(

  2. My cat (2yrs, male) is super restless and meows like crazy at night, especially when I’m home alone. He’s very active and we play with him often to try and wear him out but it never seems to work. I’ve tried to let him sleep in my room but he climbs on everything and knocks things of shelves, climbs into my drawers under my bed etc. but when I shut my door he yowls and scratches at my door for half an hour before it stops, if he hears me to get up or turn on a light, he’ll be back at it again. There’s literally paint coming off my wooden door and huge dents from claw marks, I live in a rental, help!

  3. Nicole Tharaldson

    My cat will meow and scratch at the carpet. He doesn’t want attention because ill call him or he’ll come to me and ill give him a little love then he just doesn’t want anything to do with me. He’ll bolt through the house. Sometimes disappear into or under beds. He’ll flick his tail or act irritated for days. But then be fine again. He has food and water. I know the dog peed on the floor recently but even before that he did it. He never used to be like this. He was always calm and quiet. Now he’s very vocal and just a different cat in a way. I don’t know what could possibly be going on?

  4. Gladys Dipietrantonio

    Hi I have a cat that meows day and night nonstop it’s a everyday I pet him hug him kiss him tell him I love him . But no matter what he just won’t stop I have done everything to love him. He sleeps by my feet on my legs. When I’m asleep he put his face on mine every night and moews. This is an everyday I don’t know what to do I’m losing my mind I talk to him why and he runs like crazy non stop moewing. What can I do I don’t know if there’s more than what I read about the crying cause this is way different and getting worse. Anyone please help me what can I do.

    1. I had that problem with a certain cat years ago, not sure if your cat is hungry or what but cats don’t care and will bother you. I had to re-home my cat and it became so peaceful and calm at the apartment, my partner and I were able to sleep again. It may be that you need to find a person to take your cat, the insanity is not worth it. Trust me.

      1. Ah yes hmm I’m not sure if her cat must’ve been hungry either.. interesting.. have you tried this line of inquiry on your cat before deciding to rehome? (So happy it has been rehomed and hope it is much happier now) Next time you get an animal please be prepared to be patient and work though issues they may be having on a deeper level than “cat bothering me it must be hungry” or “cat not hungry and and still bothering me, defective cat needs new home”. Yea.. cats don’t care about bothering you, and it sounds to me like you didn’t bother to care for your cat.

    2. If she is in heat this behaviour will continue for a week max, if not she needs a full checkup it might be a kidney diseases.
      She can also meow if she is hungry or thirsty.
      Be patient it’s not easy to a good parent ????.

    3. So actually talking to your cat and telling him you love him won’t do anything. Believe it or not they do not understand English, what they do understand is attention, and you’re giving him too much. Cats do not meow to other cats, they meow to humans because they have learned they will get things/attention when they do it. You need to start ignoring your cat when he is behaving a way your don’t like. Not punishing, that’s still attention, just ignoring.

    4. There is a product called feliway that has pheromones that soothes the cat. There is a plug in (I recommend) and a spray. It may help him calm down. If it doesn’t help take him to the vet! Good luck!

      1. Despite the hype on this product, I’ve personally never known anyone who said it worked. Including myself.

        1. Feliway worked a treat for my anxious cat when we moved house. I plugged it in in the spare room and closed her in there for a few nights. The vet and i were both expecting her to get a urinary tract infection, which had started to occur whenever we had dramatic events, but it didn't happen.
          I feel the feliway helped with the transition, and am considering getting more now she's a senoir and her night noise is costing me sleep. urinary tract infection

      2. Thanks, I believe my cat is afraid. She is a one person cat and I am her person. I am also quite ill. End stage lupus. I know she loves me and is anxious. I may have vet put her on meds. I am not back & forth to hospital.

    5. e are taking care of a little guy right now whose mom got sick and he who has the same issues. Seriously, for the first nine days we did not sleep a wink. I bought him a calming collar and started him on CBD drops (Not too expensive and they often have buy one get one free on Holistapet He is changed cat seriously. Give it a try it can’t hurt

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  6. My male cat loves attention all the time. I try once in awhile to get him to sleep in my bed which he will but the moment I move or roll over or anything, he gets right up and starts meowing constantly and wants to be petted. I don’t really know what to do. But I can’t do it. I always have my bedroom door closed and he does whatever through out the house and doesn’t meow. Any idea what I could do in this situation?

    1. Don’t give him any attention when he meows (ignore completely) and he will eventually learn to stop.


        I’ve done everything. I live alone with an old quiet dog and my year old Ragdoll cat who I’ve had for six months. She has been spayed, doesn’t meow during the day but the moment I go to bed she starts loudly meowing and I can’t get any sleep. I don’t pay any attention to her, I’ve given her food and water and a clean litter box every night and play with her before bed. She still meows at 2, 3,4,5,AM until I open my eyes and sit up in bed. She doesn’t want food ( not a big eater and very picky) and she doesn’t want to play. Seems she just wants me awake. I’ve tried keeping lights in, licking her out of my bedroom. Nothing works. I can nap during the day and she’s fine. I’m looking to re home her as I can’t stand no sleep. Help. I have a beautiful enclosed patio and she won’t even go out there. Afraid of everything and everybody.

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  8. Some cats are singers. A stray cat once stayed in my neighborhood and would sing for an hr or more! Singing is often done to attract mates, but i think some cats just like it. he was an intact male, but my fixed male cats would sit still and watch and listen to him for hours as well! A true cat concert!

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  11. My cat does this a lot. She comes running up the stairs meowing her fool head off with a toy in her mouth! I tell her to quit talking with her mouth full! LOL Sounds ridiculous! It’s annoying but funny at the same time. Once she is upstairs and call to her and she comes on the bed to snuggle with me. Then she’s happy and quiet.

    1. 2 of my girls do this exact thing, when I turn out the lights and go to bed, about 3 years old both of them. I have had both of them since adoption as young kittens that were weaned. I call them and say “come on, I’ m in here in bed” or just meow back at them, then they jump into bed, get comfy and go to sleep with me. And both do the toy in the mouth thing. Weird kittys!

  12. Jeffrey Gortatowsky

    What? This is NORMAL. Our cats do it all the time… And they’ll have a sock, a straw, a toy, something, in their mouths. I am not sure this author owns cats? I’ve have 4 and have had 5 others. All do a late night yowl. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE THAT SAYS SEND THEM OUTSIDE. Domestic cats are DOMESTIC! They will live long wonderful lives, yowling indoors, and love you for it!

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  14. My cat will meow when he sees a stray cat and when he wants food even though he eats a lot during the day. lol

  15. I have 2 cats. One is fine. The other sleeps/hides all day. When lights go out st night she meows all different kinds of meows. She can meow for hours! I can’t even get her out before bedtime to play and burn energy because she won’t come out when the kids are around. My Husband and I have very off schedules so it’s tough. So we need our sleep. I’ve tried the tips on this site. We have been in our new home for 6 months already so that should be enough time for her to not be anxious right?

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear that you and your kitty are going through this. We suggest reaching out to a pro behaviorist / vet for the best advice. These articles might provide some further insight, too:

    2. My cat has lived in bedroom for 12 yrs never leaves very anxious always meows but when it became so loud and strange took her to vet. She had gone deaf reason for the loud shrieking meows especially at night
      Nothing to be done
      Just love & patience

    3. You mention that she won’t come out when the kids are around. Do they play too roughly with her or make too much noise and it frightens her?
      Does she need a night light when it’s dark at night?

    4. Lindsay Shepstone

      Is it possible the kids give her anxiety aswell? Does she have any spots in the house that are designated as just her area like a semi enclosed bed? Or a place where she can be up high? When I moved I purchased feel away which gives off feremones to help ease their anxiety and I think it helped my kitties.

  16. What my cat does doesn’t seem to fit any of this. Since I took her off the streets about five years ago, on random nights just after I go to bed, she goes to the living room and ‘sings’. It’s nothing like her meows for food or attention, just long singing notes. She’ll sometimes sing several songs. She is never allowed outside, has food and water. Before and after, she might wander in to say hi to me but never seems to want anything. I don’t get up when she does it, just wait for her to finish her performance, but she’s been doing this for about five years, in two different residences. Any idea why I get a concert?

    1. Plz help me my cat Oliver meows at night n I always give him fresh food and water every night plz help

      1. Hi Nicole,

        These articles might provide some additional insight:

      2. I’m having the same problem with my male cat. The 2 females are ok but it’s him that squawks at me until get uo several times to give them treats

      3. I have found, w/my male cat, that the feral cats in the neighborhood come out at night and if there is a female or a couple of female’s in heat, he will sit in the window and answer their calls. Males will do this even though their fixed, like my boy both is.

    2. Some cats are singers. A stray cat once stayed in my neighborhood and would sing for an hr or more! Singing is often done to attract mates, but i think some cats just like it. he was an intact male, but my fixed male cats would sit still and watch and listen to him for hours as well! A true cat concert!

    3. I was like that as a baby – I sang all the time. My mum called it my Indian wailing. I think I was self-comforting, as I sometimes still sing to comfort myself. Your cat sounds more like she's performing though. Maybe she just likes singing. Perhaps she's weaving protective spells. Does she like listening to music? My cats love violin music, especially Schindler's List. Their jaws dropped in amazement the first time they heard that – it was like something from a Disney film. It calms them too,

  17. Our 17yo cat had been making our nights miserable for several months… He woke us up practically every night at 2 or 3 am and just couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Visits to the vet were useless and we had to resort to sleeping pills and ear plugs!
    One day i realized his ears needed cleaning. I cleaned them well but just a day after, they were as dirty as the day before….. So i bought an ear cleaning solution and started cleaning his ears on a daily basis. His night cries stopped completely…. It seems he had an ear mite infestation and somehow they were making him uncomfortable at night! If only cats could talk!

    1. Well, your cat DID talk! And the best part is, you listened and figured out the message in his meows. What a wonderful cat parent you are! BTW, if your vet missed the mites, do yourself and your cat a big favor and find a new vet who won’t!

  18. My 4 year old female spayed cat has been meowing at night for the last month or so. In one week I averaged 11 hours sleep due to her meowing. Vet cleared her health wise and said she needs a companion. Unfortunately where I live I am only allowed on pet be it 1 cat or 1 dog. Last night I caved and actually went in my car to get some sleep because I am so tired. This is what took place prior to me sleeping in my car. I went to be 20 minutes later Luna went under my bed and started meowing. When I had enough I came out in my living room and sat. She went on her favorite chair and went to sleep this repeated 5 times before I went to my car. I am to the point where I am considering re homing her I am not a young lady and my Dr has already warned me about the added stress. I am lost. I spoke to one person going through the same thing and finally after 3 months she got her cat a kitten playmate and no more meowing. Again my lease states only one pet per apartment

    1. On doctors orders for stress the cat could be a support animal. The new kitty would be supporting you by supporting your other cat. Maybe?

    2. I’d risk it or start looking at a new place. My baby Yenril struggles with separation anxiety and I had no idea how bad it got til my neighbor texted me saying she could hear him. I got him a jacket for small dogs and that didn’t help much and eventually I caved and got a companion. Since than they play and run around. No more complaints

    3. I’d adopt a second kitty. Service kitty note from Dr. is a good idea. I’m sure they would both be only inside kitties anyway. ????

    4. Please look into the possibility of ovarian remnant syndrome. This would require exploratory surgery to remove left over ovarian remnants that could be triggering her symptoms. I would also have other health issues ruled out of course.

  19. I adopted a congenitally deaf cat but this might also be helpful for people with older cats whose hearing might not be as good as it used to be (you can test it by being in back of your cat when s/he’s not looking at you, and clap your hands).
    For the first three nights, he meowed very loudly, non-stop, from the time I went to bed until the time I got up. I tried playing with him right before bed, putting out more food, and nothing worked.
    Then the third morning, I noticed it wasn’t me getting up, it was the sun coming up. So I got nightlights and put one in each room. That stopped his nocturnal howling.

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  21. My cat recently got out while we were out of town and now that he’s inside, he meows all night and wants to go back outside. Do we just have to wait it out, or is there a way to discourage him from wanting to go outside?

    1. Interested in hearing this answer as well, similarly our cat escaped a few months ago and came back recently and know we sort of have an inside outside cat.

      1. I promise they’ll eventually stop. Key word is eventually. We used to let our cat outside at night due to her insistence, but when she went missing for over a week, my husband said no more. She clamored and cried to be let back out but we stood firm. She now is ok with being inside at night.

    2. This happened to me several years ago. Mine slept in the window & somehow pushed the screen out. Was frolicking for 8 hrs while I was at work. Meowed her head off wanting to go back out. I didn’t want her to be an outside cat, so I chose not to harness or leash her. I just kept the windows closed for a week or two and she eventually stopped.

  22. Ok , Before i go to sleep or I’m half way asleep. I hear my cat, she is a one eyed cat which every or most nights she will make this sound which sounds like her talking or trying to mew at the same time and note that she is the runt of the family SO. . . She doesn’t like going outside (Ect. . .) but you get the point she makes this meowing noises and i can be very very annoying. . .

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. You may want to take your cat to the vet if she is constantly meowing. These articles might provide some insight, too:

  23. My somewhat newly adopted senior cat (13) almost consistently wakes me up at 6am. He’s not hungry or thirsty as food and water are always available. Can’t be health problems since he rarely makes noise during the day. I’ve laid out catnip and treats at night along with all his toys to keep him occupied but he still complains. I think he’s lonely and bored since he’s really attached to me but I’m a light sleeper and don’t want him in my bed waking me up with his movements. I might just have to get earplugs which I hate. Would the shirt or diffuser thing work for such an old cat?

    1. Hi there Sue,

      Thanks for reaching out! Here are some more articles that provide information about why cats wake people up at night:

    2. Sue, I couldn’t relate to you more with your cat! Mine also has been meowing at 6am for about a week. Right on schedule every day. In wake up at 6:50 so it really disturbs my sleep. In the past when he did this I would give him cat nip or treats before bed and he likes to chase marbles so we did that for 5 min before bed. I also ignore him when he meows. If you respond to their meow good or bad they know it gets your attention so it becomes a routine. So ignoring him, eventually they will realize the meow isn’t doing much. We also recently have been using lavender essential oils in a diffuser at night and it was working so well until we ran out. So could be why mine is acting up again. Just make sure you don’t use essential oils that can harm the cat! Lavender is safe and hs been working for us. Good luck!!

        1. actually my vet uses essential oils in treating my cat and it works quite well. Some essential oils are harmful but not all of them.

    3. Do you know anything about the cat’s former life before you adopted him? It sounds like he lived w/someone who had a certain schedule and this cat followed his owner’s schedule for many years. This cat could have also had a companion, that he misses very much.
      Elderly cat’s suffer from some of the same disorders as humans do, such as dementia. You have to remember that his whole world has been turned upside down and being elderly, it will take longer for him to adjust to his new life. This will require alot of patients on your part. Spending extra time w/him is a big help and maybe looking into getting him a companion could also help. If he was in a cage w/another cat, he might be missing that cat.
      I’d think about letting him sleep w/you. Cat’s don’t bounce around the bed, like a dog does. My 3, sleep w/me and their as much a comfort to me as I am to them. Trust me, once your asleep, you won’t know if he gets off or back on the bed, because cat’s are very light on their paws and very quiet.

  24. I have a blind 14 yr old male. He cries day and night when he is not sure where I am, but he knows the house well. If he cries at night I just call him and he comes to the bed to cuddle and then leaves later to find his bed to sleep. He doesn’t like to sleep with me long because I move around to much. He used to love bite my arm when I moved during the night like saying “please stay still, I am trying to sleep.” He eventually just moved over to the bedroom chair to sleep. It works well to both of us.

  25. My cat at work started every night ther past week meowing non stop pacing from door to door i have to lock her outta my room at night because she won’t stop. She’s fine during the day.

  26. We adopted a senior rescue cat who was surrendered at a shelter. It’s especially sad since he was clearly very bonded to another cat in his original home. He’s tried to bond with our other cat, who wants none of it. The newly-adopted kitty really can yell at night. He’s had a vet check him over. We’ve had to install a baby gate to keep him away from our bedroom door.

  27. Rachael Radovilsky

    Omg mine too! I’m so tired and he just won’t shut up! He’s also a raggie (6 years old) and I have no idea what to do. He meows allllll night. But he’s healthy!!! Even after feeding him he still meows….

    1. Hi Rachel —

      This might add more insight into why your cat is meowing. Best of luck!

    2. I use a calming collar and calming vapor in the room..takes a few days but it does work..a world of difference

    1. Hi Cameron,
      Here’s more info on cat meowing and kitten behavior that might help:
      Best of luck and congrats on your new cat!

  28. Stephanie Schulz

    Carol – What pheromone product did you use? I bought a diffuser that plugs into the wall on the recommendation of my vet; it wasn’t cheap; and it had absolutely no effect on her what-so-ever. :-(

  29. Sandra Fletcher

    My rag doll cat has always meowed at night, but now he is older it is much much worse ( 14 yrs old) it is driving us crazy! I took him to the vets and he is healthy. He wakes me two or three times a night????????????, I have tried giving him food, but that doesn’t always work, I have tried picking up and putting him on my bed in case it is confusion , nothing seems to work! :( he is an inside cat he does have a cat secure back yard with a cat door to our house. Im at a loss as to what to do :(

    1. Hi Sandra,

      We suggest talking to your vet — something like dementia might be at play since your cat is older.
      This might also help:


  30. I have a small cat bed at the foot of my bed. Kitty will sleep there once I’m settled in, so there is no “meowing” at night.

  31. My husband doesn’t want our cat to sleep with us because of his allergies. I put her bed in the open doorway at bedtime. I used a clicker to train her to jump in by putting in a treat. She jumps in and gets a click and a treat. Two nights later she is happy to jump in at bedtime and does not come into the bedroom.

  32. My senior cat (12) has been carrying her babies (6 or 7 stuffed mousies) around for several years now, meowing as she does it. Day and Night. We prefer to think of the mousies as babies for show and tell, but they may be “kills”, rewards to her favourite human, or just plain attention seekers. Good to know she is not crazy compared to others.

  33. I too have (had) a meowing cat at night For all the reasons suggested in your article. Finally I had to put him in his own room with the door closed – at least I got a good night’s sleep. Then he got used to not meowing and I could leave him outside our bedroom and finally I got the pheromone product and that really helped with the meowing to the point where he only meows when he wants food or to go out. Roscoe was an unhappy cat when he came to us so I had to have a lot of patience with him. Now it he bothers me when I am sleeping I just say let mommy sleep some more and he goes away until I am awake. We have a great relationship now.

  34. I have an elderly Siamese who has some kidney disfunction (getting infusions for that) and he has become a bit disoriented, especially at night. I think some of it is because he doesn’t see as well as he used to and when the house gets dark he feels lost. He is a very vocal cat anyway, so he sounds off at night after we are in bed. I just call back at him and mimic some of his vocalizations and he shows up on the bed quickly and is full of purrs, and settles in for the night.

  35. we have 2 feral adult cats – for about 5 months now – they both talk – not a meow but many noise variations, they will eventually be able to go out during the day, but we are in New England very cold now, so they have the run of the house (very big old farmhouse), night and day, every now and then they start speaking, for a few days then it stops then it starts again. They have been to the vet, they are young and healthy, one came from NYC, the other from a suburb in CT, they get along very well, eat together, sleep together. Have any idea why they start talking -then stop- then start again – is the house haunted? LOL

  36. My two cats meow at night because they either want to snuggle or because they have brought me their ‘kill’ (one of their stuffed toys) and want to show it off.

    1. That’s pretty much what mine does. He stands in the hallway caterwauling until I call him, then brings in a toy to play with ( Heaven forbid we play BEFORE bed). Then after barking orders at me, he either settles in for the night or leaves. I ask him about his toy when he brings it to me and he gets praised for coming when I call, so I just have chalked it up to more entertainment for me! Lol

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