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Dear Catster Member, June 22, 2010
The Best Cats for Small Spaces
The Best Cats for Small Spaces

A recent pet owners survey reported that there are approximately 94 million cats living in U.S. households, while there are only about 78 million dogs. Part of the reason cats have overtaken dogs in the house pet popularity contest is that cats adapt more easily to indoor life and can cope better with their humans' busy lifestyles. However, some cats still make for better apartment housemates than others.

Learn about some apartment-friendly breeds ››

Five Must-Have Cat Toys

Five Must-Have Cat Toys Playing with your cat enhances his coordination, gives him the exercise he needs to stay fit, and strengthens the bond he has with you. Check out five of our favorite interactive toys.

Signs of Litter Dislike

Signs of Litter DislikeYou'll know why you don't like your kitty's litter: maybe it stinks of deodorizing crystals and you have allergies. But how do you know if your pet dislikes her litter? Here are signs to look for ››

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