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Dear Catster Member, June 2, 2009
Join Catster Groups and get some great deals

Catster Groups: Something fur Everyfur
Catster Groups are great places to hang out with like-minded Catsters. But did you know that joining certain groups can get you deals on pawriffic feline purroducts? Right now, joining both the Soft on Cats. Hard on Fleas. Group and the Feliway Felines Group will earn you some cool savings. Or, want to win a FURminator? Join the FURminator Group for Cats and you can enter to win a new FURminator every day! Join all three groups now!

Feliway Felines Group ››
Soft on Cats. Hard on Fleas. Group ››
FURminator Group for Cats ››
Or browse ALL the Catster Groups! ››

Together Tag: Peace of Mind for Pet Lovers

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