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10 Cats Who Obviously Hate Me

Is there a sourpuss in your life? We want to see your photos stat.

 |  Feb 25th 2013  |   23 Contributions

Why do all cats hate me? Okay, I'm exaggerating. One cat hates me. He is my roommate's cat. I won't name names, but here he is, with his little golden eyes of hatred.

Stop looking at me like that!

I actually like cats. One time I broke up with a dude just because he was allergic to cats, and I was like, "My dream is to have two cats! I pick cats over you!" Despite my sacrifice, cats don't seem to like me. Here are 10 cats giving a mean side eye.

What? Oh, I'm sorry, am I blocking your favorite sun puddle? 

Stop making that stink face. It was you who just dropped a number two in the litter box.

You're mad at me cause you just yakked on the rug!?

This cat is actually cool -- I just like this photo. This cat and I could probably be friends.

Photo by timoni

Stop loafing, you're not bread.

Photo by Maia C

Don't peer down your nose at me! I have thumbs! Oh wait, you do, too? Never mind ...

Don't you swat at me!

Photo by quinn.anya

What? I'm cold, okay? You're deeply ensconced in a nice fur coat. I've got nothing but this pile of blankets!

Photo by Arria Belli

No, those toys aren't for you. Surprise -- the world doesn't revolve around you.

I just thought this cat looked cool.

Photo by Max Moreau

Do you know a little sourpuss? Post a photo of your own grumpy cat below by clicking on the "Select Photos" button below:

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