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The Saddest Cats in Costume on Shutterstock

We present the unhappiest cats on the stock-photo site because, well, Halloween is coming.

 |  Oct 16th 2012  |   0 Contributions

These cats might be sad, but the important thing to remember is this: Your cat loves dressing up for Halloween. (Don't let him tell you otherwise.)

Shiver me -- aw, screw it. 

You promised me breakfast. 

I'm not sad. I'm boiling with rage. You'll understand the difference in 3, 2 ...

Satan again. Sigh. 

If only my hat were not so small. 

I hate you, Guy Fieri.  

This frickin' Santa hat.  

I kill mice. I slaughter mice. Never forget that, Peaches. 

This is not a costume, you sniveling half-wit!

Photos: Black cat in pirate hat, Kitten in frog costume, Cat in rabbit ears, Cat in devil horns, Cat in witch hat, Cat in devil costume, Kitten in Santa hat, Cat in mouse hat, Angry Sphynx


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