Some people may think these people are crazy, but for us this is ultimate happiness. Is there anything better than settling down for a nap and having your kitties gather round and smother you with purrs?

I think not!

Sorry, ladies. We’re not sure if he’s single. Photo by missemilyvaughn.

This is apparently four out of five cats. If you asked us, the fifth kitty is missing out! Photo by aramis2039.

Nine kitties swarming their daddy! Photo by AlishaV.

Kitten cuddling down the line. Photo by meggle.

Group hug! Photo by Magnus1964.

What is it about quilts that attracts cats? Photo by siliconchef.

On the other hand, if you have such fabulous cat cover, you don’t even need a quilt! Photo by Seubecca.

Sometimes, all it takes is one BIG cat to cover you up. Photo by stephen butler.

A little chilly? Throw on some more cats! Photo by buxtrosion.

Tuxedo and Flossie perched in prime position. Photo by Jimmy Legs.