I'm Purrfectly Comfortable. Thanks for Asking!

 |  May 2nd 2011  |   3 Contributions

Is it Monday already again? Do any of you feel like you could just crash and sleep a little extra like these kitties? I think they have the right idea... even if they did pick some strange spots for a snooze.

Cats have definitely mastered the fine art of getting comfortable anywhere!

Upsidedown Snooze
Image credit: Geneveieve Dietrich. http://www.flickr.com/photos/gini/143755617/

Pot luck snooze!

Gutter kitty can sleep anywhere.

Twisted kitten!

I spilled out of my snooze spot!

This pillow is a little hard...

I need both of these stools for my snooze. kthxbai

Hope everyone has a comfy Monday!


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